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  1. I had a really strange dream last night. I was walking behind some military people in formation. We all looked up and noticed the sky was a strange orange red color. The moon and sun were next to each other and had turned red. As we looked around, there were repeat images of the same moon and sun turned red in 360 degrees. The moon or sun began to have numbers appear on their face 3…5…24 are the numbers. Then everyone was alerted to evacuate and I saw a map in a command center that showed the entire gulf coast of the US flooded all the way into Texas Oklahoma boarder. We had 3 hours to head to higher ground before the flood came so we took grab bags and headed for high ground in Colorado…such a wild and vivid dream…

  2. Paul. Special Report… I went to Walmart last night. And noticed that the fishing stuff was about whipped out. 3 bobbers remained. Are ya herein me Sir. The prepping is well underway. Wow. Amen amen

  3. Sir,,, WHY do you always sound so stressed,? WHY do you sound so hysterical,,,? please stop yelling at us, we WILL NOT be forced into fear or dread. WE need you Paul to be calm and in self control,,, ask Father God to help you find peace ok.

  4. LIES! There is NOTHING on the NASA sight about watching for ANYTHING! NOTHING WILL HAPPEN THIS WEEK, and these two demons named Paul and Mike will have plenty to answer for to Homeland Security.

  5. They can control the narrative by force, but they can NOT stop Jesus Christ!!!!!!! Let them try!!! He is coming soon and few even believe it. If you are not watching for Jesus, then he ain't coming for you.

  6. His clone is the one with the mark on his wrist , these children of darkness are going under ground they know Wormwood is coming upon the Earth , the Judgement of God the Creator of All things , Heaven and Earth. Sin must perish.

  7. we are all filled with nanno A.I. PARTICLES . covid 19 is an A.I. LINKED MOLECULE. So talk to the A.I. stuff and tell it you dont want it in you and tell it to leave you alone . Also imagine the covid molecules filled with divine light. to make it more benign or destroy it . So pray against it in Jesus ` name to. We all can change the frequency of this virus locally , personally and globally. And the cabal does not want people to be aware that this is all about frequencies., and we can change the frequency of this bug or bioweapon.

  8. Hey Paul where is this happening in the world is the whole world going to be able to see it !

    Because I live on the east coast in the only thing I see right now is comic Atlas !!

    I shall keep an eye out.


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