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Earthquake Experts Really Big One to hit SEATTLE / Coronavirus Update / Mike From Around The World and Pastor Paul Begley

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  1. Major earthquake from Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico this weekend: which the Church celebrates Divine Mercy Sunday and that will happen during the 3 Days of Darkness . One of God’s Titles is Mercy.

    Jared Kushner is the wolf in sheep’s clothing that has papers signed with Netanyahu in ISRAEL changing the perimeter of God’s Country of 8,550 miles to include WestBank

  2. BIG Thumds DOWN on behalf of PAULS STUPID UNPROFESSIONALISM, OVER REACTING AND INTERRUPTING…A BIG THUMBS UP on behalf of Mike, Great Commentary !!!…Wish Mike had his OWN independent channel !!!…Mike is THE ONLY REASON IM HERE PERIOD !!!

  3. I had a feeling hell was expanding because of all the EVIL PEOPLE running around the earth !!!…Praise God My Family and I HAVE THE SEAL OF Almighty God in us and on us !!!

  4. Serious…We have all done things that are displeasing to God, which makes us deserving of punishment. Since all our sins are ultimately against an eternal God, only an eternal punishment is sufficient. "The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord" (Romans 6:23).

  5. What the Dang Heck!!! they raised the timeline 200 yrs!!! They have already determined, that the evidence shows, every 300yrs, by all the ocean and land cores they have in the university's!!! What a bunch of FILTHY LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is way over due at this point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Is the little green file also available to the government departments and agencies that would handle such important and sensitive material, or are you guys the only ones who are in possession of it?

  7. It's a 5G or similar tech triggered disease and they say it's a virus to lock us all down/ up in their smart cities during these Earth changes so we can't migrate to safe places (the woman fleeing to the wilderness). also – are they trying to prevent the biblical 200 Million Chinese Army coming down on Israel?

  8. CHRISTIANS PRAY: Almighty God I do not believe that you God brought this virus. Gods people are not appointed to your wrath. Thy Holy Ghost is still here. We ask for divine intervention to bring a cure. You are a God of haste and Love. I do not believe that the horses or seals have arrived yet. I trust in the shed blood of Jesus. This is the hand of Satan and man. We plead the blood of Jesus for they help and a cure. We plead the blood of Jesus for healing. We plead the blood of Jesus for thy mercy on man kind. In Jesus name.

  9. If the spirit of death does not see the blood of jesus on the persons life he strikes his Blow of death over the spiritually unprotected victim's….I'm praying for the salvation and the blood of Jesus and mercy upon China!!

  10. On this week’s Jim Bakker show, his guest Sharon Gilbert showed proof in writing that this virus is indeed a bio weapon. She and husband Derrick have a show on tv and also YouTube

  11. Today we are saved by believing The Gospel of Jesus Christ with all of our heart, 1st Corinthians 15 verse 1to 4. Jesus Christ spilled Blood for our sins. God Bless you

  12. Paul a few people on the Princess have this virus and they are white. This was over the last week. They had the one couple on ABC news all week talking to them from their room..he was fighting terrible fevers…long run he was taken to hospital and diagnosed with this virus.

  13. Do you understand the logistics of a 750,000 troop movement? I've got people all over the middle east and they call BS on it. That's impossible to hide and would be totally obvious and this Mike guy is the only one that's claiming this? Yeah, I'm calling BS.

  14. Mr. Paul Begley, what the Partial sinking of Indonesia concerns, it is state fact. Do you know that the capital City Djakarta is rebuild on another Island where 3.000.000 people shall live in the "future". They are allready 2 years in it. Because Djakarta City on the Java Island is Sinking.

  15. Mr. Paul Begley, situation that we talk about, is far more worse than you can Imagine. I am serious! The breaking and shifting of earth tectonic plates in the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic is Not a Joke! I wonder if the World is going to make it until 2027, 2024 or 2021. Do you understand what I try to say here? If not: react! Time to REPENT is increasing to come to a closing of the Door. It really is!


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