Twitter CEO Elon Musk confirmed on Saturday that he is “not suicidal” in case he is found dead after vowing to release all internal information regarding the platform’s decision to censor accounts and information before he purchased Twitter in a series called, “The Twitter Files.”

“I do not have suicidal thoughts…If I committed suicide, it’s not real,” Musk said while he addressed questions about the first Twitter Files drop on Twitter Spaces Saturday evening, which exposed the platform’s decision to suppress the explosive Hunter Biden Laptop story.

Musk’s comments were made after vowing to release all information pertaining to requests made from both the Biden campaign and DNC to censor individual users, which was revealed by journalist Matt Taibbi on Friday night.

“BREAKING: @ElonMusk tells me he will release ALL of the Twitter Files including all requests from the Biden campaign and DNC to Censor individual users,” ALX said, who’s account was recently reinstated by Musk after Twitter had permanently banned him.

Musk told ALX that “both past and future requests will be made public.”

The Space X and Tesla CEO revealed that there are “more smoking guns” waiting to be dropped in the next “episode” of the Twitter Files. He explained that the next drop will cover information from after the 2020 Presidential Election but did not provide specifics. Musk said that it is up to journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss, who are in charge of covering the Twitter Files, to decide the contents covered in each expose.

During a Twitter Space on Saturday hosted by Mario Nawfal, Kim Dotcom, Tara Bull and Rebel’s own Ian Miles Cheong, which was one of the most highly viewed Spaces on record, Musk said he would release all the files to provide “full transparency.”

“If you want reconciliation, there must be truth, so that’s the intention here, to just make it clear what was happening and provide transparency about the past, and in doing so, to build trust in the future,” Musk said.

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