“Getting Nasty In The House” The Fed’s Have Lost Control of the System
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  1. Our Government is fine. It’s Trump who belongs in a straight jacket.

    What kind of a pastor are you? Trumpers disrupt & distract. Anything to waste time because you like a criminal who should be removed from office.

    Trump is the first president to block witnesses from testifying. Trump is worse than Nixon. He is NOT a Christian & neither is that evil grifter woman that claims to be his spiritual advisor. They both steal from the poor.

    Wake up & smell the coffee. Trump works for Putin. He doesn’t work for you.

  2. Yo Begley , You Have a Bow in a Glass on Your Desk . A Bow a Bent Cross ? You Know What That is Don't You ? That's Wicked and You Need to Toss that in the Trash . The Pope Has a Bow a Bent Cross on His Staff ……

  3. You know Paul deadly Diva Wilkinson had the same fishing couple of times in the early 1970s that eventually we was going to get to this point where we are now his description is exactly what's happening to the United States now but because most people are blinded by ignorance they cannot see all believe this,

  4. If they impeach trump the Democrats and liberals will see what it's like to be attacked because it's gonna be a civil unrest mark my words I'll be locked in my house watching it on TV

  5. Please someone answer this question! If President Trump gets impeached, who becomes president, the vice president?? Wouldn't Congress flip out over having a real Christian like Mr. Pence in the whitehouse??😬😮


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