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  1. I just woke up, form a dream this morning@ 2:38 am EST.  We will be at war soon and I heard on a radio anoucement that Cuba will declar it.  Then I saw missles going off in th sky.  All I could do was either tell people to pray for repentance or  tell them about our Lord.

  2. You should check out the Epic Time news paper. They're a news paper that's for freedom of speech as long as it can be provided it will be posted. There not government ran. Real news!

  3. Life is only temporary for everyone of us. It's the eternal life God promises that is so much more important and not one of us k now when our last day will be. I pray people repent and turn their life over to God before it's too late. It is so easy to see we are entering end times exactly like Jesus Christ said and warns of in Matt. 24. Now that many Christian churches are accepting wrongs as right and getting into the New Age Religion which is opening the doors wide open to evil spirits, the 2000 year church (which was excellent) is ending and taking us right into end times. Haggman is in a much better place but I pray for his family and their loss. We are definitely living in a time of spiritual war and we need the full armor of God which comes only through God, Jesus Christ, repentance and receiving the Holy Spirit to led and guide us.

  4. sat 06 07 19 felt sick at seeing my great city of london over run by l b g twisted minded people
    surely this showed the bibles prophesy as in the days of noha sodham and garmorea london pride it was billed at pride whats to be proud of walking about men grown men wearing womens clothes with children being told its ok for you as a 4 years old to think your a girl?????? while this was going on i was out side parliment with my board against abortion i am a anti abortionit had teenagers coming up to me saying i am wrong ??
    that what they were doing is pervertion its against all that i was brought up with people will jump on the band wagon right now its to be homosexual in a few months time it will be something new all from the anti christ

  5. Dutchsinse had his house raided by the swat. his last report was the 7.1 quake… very interesting in light of the theory of underground testing by gvt…. then a 'distraction' of bomb in florida. and Epstein arrested! Lots happening this weekend.

  6. Oh my, I'm just devastated to hear this about Joe Hagmann. I was heartbroken to hear of his death, but now to hear it was indeed murder, I am totally devastated. I loved watching Hagmann and Hagmann and I'm sick to hear this. So very sad.

  7. We have nothing to worry about other countries, to attack us,,,it be our own Country! The enemies are within! We were warned centuries ago! We know by now who needs to be arrested! All sedition, Treason, lawbreakers,,,,all need to be arrested, then we will have peace! Deep state doings this! And whatever else comes! Wish Trump arrest the swamp niw, before too lateM

  8. Hagman Jr. Killed with bad/tainted Heroin to discredit & smear their TRUTH.
    (Bad Drug Dealers/Pushers mix Cocaine with Heroin to Kill Heroin users
    as per deep state requests. More than 1 Homicide Detective has told me that and 1 Coroner abt. The mixing of drugs or fakes used/sold/given.
    Please also note:
    Fentanyl & Oxycontin do Not Contain Opium. They Are BioSimilar Fake Synthetic Non-Opioid Chemical man-made drugs, heavily pushed starting in 2010.
    The deep state likes to Smear/Tarnish Reputations and they don't like secrets told.
    Idk what was done to the "heroin" here, but that's the ds playbook.

  9. While I doubt most of what the media feeds us, don't jump to conclusions. I personally witnessed a gas leak in the basement of a huge three story building that left a smoldering hold in the ground …the building was Gone. Just saying, a gas leak can easily do this.


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