“Global Shortages Coronavirus Apocalypse
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  1. ACHTUNG — ACHTUNG — ACHTUNG — !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {MY German Heritage – LOL}

    MEGA QUAKE CONFERENCE???? Aren't YOU a little worried that the event center might shut down over all this Wuhan Virus crap(???) – NO MATTER WHO HAS THE PLACE RENTED???? IF THEY DO, will all the speakers still get together and *will/maybe* Brock can make a DVD of it, so none of your followers will NOT MISS this inportant info??????

    And what about REFUNDS IF IT DOES GET SHUT DOWN for those that already have tickets?????????

    I hate playing the devils advocate, but like the bumper sticker says "poop(keepin' it clean) happens", so do you have a plan B or Backup plan to get this info to your followers????????

  2. Also, though Mike Around The World has an almost supernatural knowledge of things, he finally showed deception about the pandemic. That tells me he does have to follow certain rules or choses to follow certain rules that are in line with the official narrative about the danger of the coronavirus. I do not judge that action. It is necessary to prevent chaos but the real facts about the coronavirus is also allowed to be disseminated to the public through non official means so that the American people have a choice to know what is really going on.

  3. Come on dude, the FLU is not deadlier than the Coronavirus, look at the stats and stop repeating rhetoric spread by high school dropouts. Have you ever heard of a ventilator shortage due to the flu? No

  4. Hello Pr. Paul, in the Holy Bible,it is written that one of God's people ate locust and honey.If they have in those land's a food shortage,could it be the same kind of locust ate by John the Baptist.If they have a plague so bad and are hungry,maybe they might eatthem in the end.

  5. I must say I don't believe in this bible just a old story book! Nothing more!, but LOVE watching this channel just for the start when he say are you serious are you serious,always make me laugh top guy from England!


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