Many Harbingers are taking place this weekend Call To Action –
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  1. God is in control. Revelation coming to live.
    We need to pray, repent and praise Jesus.
    Protection and Salvation has been promised by GOD to his church.
    Do not fear, Jesus is on his way to take away his church!!!!! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜Š

  2. Quit saying you are not political, every time you bash Obama, or the democrats you diminish your message to those who need it most and damage your credibility when you are clearly political. God picks all our leaders, or he picks none. Are you here to just sensationalize the downfall of man, or are you here to really save people who need saving?

  3. Wow pastor, Israeli election certainly interesting this year, just like one of your new year's prophecies (or the list of things to happen at end of year from God for new, this year), NOW FULLFILLED!

  4. All Americans pray for your President,he needs all your prayers as he has to face all black magic on its highest..He is god's chosen,need to stand by him when he needs you..

  5. I was given a vision out of nowhere almost seven years ago now I didn't understand it at the time but I really kind of knew it was from God. I was around an atheist woman who told me to put it in my back pocket. I was on the internet and saw a gill Broussard and the picture he had a plan attacks and I nearly fell right out of my chair there was exactly what the Lord had showed me and then some there was three distinct things that I saw and I mean I couldn't deny it was a vision I was standing straight up my eyes were opened how could I I walked around 100 for a while after that wondering what the heck hit me. There it was couldn't deny it no longer the first thing was my heart hurt very bad I had to hold my chest I was glad that the vision was over quickly we were in complete darkness on the Earth and a very very very large dark dark red Erie planet was right next to the Earth and I stood there in shock asking a million questions so I'm going to say it's going to come in from the West for sure cuz it was my upper left and then I always looked forward and I saw the people's riots everywhere young people men mostly violence everywhere confusion everywhere people upset things were just coming to a confusing state. The Earth stops time stops and the thing that I knew was when time stopped I knew judgment was there I felt my feet come off the Earth so I looked down cuz I felt it and when I looked down they were.

  6. Well the principalities of darkness are also panicking becoz they know their time is short. So they possess whoevet they can possess both animals and humans. That's why it is important for us believets to put on the armour of salvation. Be alert and watchful… Meditate 2Peter 5:8.


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