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  1. China is so evil in how it treats dogs by boiling, skinning and roasting alive, and the cloning of hybrids, a humanoid goat, and cloning pigs for human consumption, worshipping snakes and eating them and eating bat soup, they have had it coming to them.

  2. End of the world event #… what is this now? 32?

    Y2K, 1999, 2001, then every day that repeats on the calandar (so 1/1/01, 2/2/02, etc), then Nostradomus's dates (easily half a dozen of them), then at least 2 raptures, then we had the zombie apocalypse of 2011, then the mayan apocalypse of 2010, 2011, and 2012 (because math is tough)… what else, what else…
    the sinkholes in South America, fish washing up on shore in India, algea blooms in the Gulf of Mexico, and Flint MI being able to light their tap water on fire…

    And then there was nibiru, and planet x, and the resetting of the galactic laylines…

    Point is, if Jesus is coming, I'll have him over for dinner if he wants. Till he shows up, though, I think I'll reserve my dopamine hit from the end of the world coming for a virus that is undetectable and kills 1/6 people it infects like it's trying to show the Spanish Flu not to be a scrublord.

  3. Of all the Chicom videos I've seen, I have not seen any children. This is odd. Hoping they're at home, safe and sound.
    Last messages channel has eight videos of people in China. These videos are difficult to watch.

  4. Hey brother Paul pray for Israel that they see the love that gave them their faith and their love turns as great as their faith for that great love of Jesus for all humanity. The sure sword of the spirit is the Word of God So bear it boldly and humbly♡♡♡ May it rule from deep in our hearts

  5. I have a question for all of the rapture theory believers,,,y would we b raptured away from where heaven is going to b???the instant Christ returns we will be in the spirit,,if we're in the spirit nothing on earth can hurt u..nor can Satan,,,so y rapture us???? The rapture is orchestrated by Satan…if your raptured u won't b here when Christ returns… common sense tells u the rapture isn't of God people…God gave u common sense for a reason….USE IT!!!!! don't rely on man's word…thers a reason the word rapture isn't in the Bible people….I'm gonna have to start my own channel so people can hear the truth


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