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  1. I did my best to defend Mike from around the world.a channals stating he's a frawd.i stated to person stating he's just a troll and a comment moved within seconds.mike loves the Lord he's believer .and only stating the truth the facts.mike was being persucuted by troll .

  2. Garlic does help a lot since that helped my son when he had a form of pneumonia that was resistant to antibiotics for 3 months. I chopped it up real fine and threw it on boiled redskin potatoes with salt, garlic, Dill, oil and vinegar and steamef for a while with lid on and then I added chopped green onions. It's medicinal and delish!

  3. does every one know that 99 percent of us is eating and drinking.. round up weed killer ,glyphosate,…in all wheeet berrs and wines and meat and fish and fruit and vedg
    as does any here what effects it has on the body…..

  4. You always do an excellent job sister Heidi. We love to hear Pastor Paul but it's always nice to hear from you as well. God bless you and God bless Pastor Paul and your entire family.

  5. He's a NAUGHTY man! He must look after his health! Paul doesn't seem to understand that leaving things just makes things worse, and longer to get over! You did great Heidi!

  6. Could give him garlic tablet with parsley or odorless garlic, chicken
    Soup boosts esonophils , oregano oils , Check out my community mushroom blend with 12-15 mushrooms in tablet form – paul stametz – fungi .com helped formulate. Has mushrooms in it that government is doing studies on. Turkey tail for immunity , reishi, agarikon will help

  7. For me, antibiotics never worked for ear infections. I finally tried H202 (hydrogen peroxide) in each ear for 10-15 minutes, and then they were gone in two days. For chest colds, I did a cup of warm water, a tablespoon of whiskey, a teaspoon of organic honey, and 1/4 tsp. of lemon juice before bedtime… sweat out a big fever during the night – and cold gone by morning. (Some people skip the water lol) …. but that was what I used. I've never had pharmaceuticals cure me of anything, and natural course lasts 3 weeks in some cases anyway. Blessings and good luck. God has provided all the medicines we need, check the OT for that.


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