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  1. Why, why, why all this over a virus? Statistics going back to 2010 show avg deaths from flu viruses to be 20,000 to 60,000 a yr! What is SOOOO different about THIS flu virus?

  2. What is that demon looking thing walking thru the grass with things sticking out it's head?????? Why do U have a heart inside of a heart???? That is the exact same symbol for Little Child Lover that the feds have for child abuse….And then there is lightening while shelter me Lord under ur wings…I hope U put a song to Jesus Christ on here…

  3. Home Churches #11:
    Watch this Video for today. …
    "God blesses obedience"

    Years ago, God said that many people would fill the stadiums and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. And, that He would use His remnant to heal His people. Years ago, when God told me that He was going to use His remnant to spread "The Kingdom" message to people in stadiums, I was thinking like…maybe crowds like Billy Graham preached to in stadiums filled with people. But, now, I'm thinking stadiums filled with "Coronavirus patients" and other viruses. Hospital beds and stretchers… filling up stadiums, and not people actually sitting in the stadium seats. Sick people, in stadiums, getting up out of their hospital beds… after being healed… and running to tell others the "Good News"/their testimonies!

  4. We are not in the tribulation yet. The Holy Ghost has not been lifted. The rapture has not occurred yet. We are at the beginning of sorrows. We are NOT appointed to his wrath. Jesus said I will never leave thee or forsake thee. After rapture horses and seals come and then mark of the beast. This is Gods word.

  5. Pastor I watch you regularly as many people do. Could you please go back to trying not to yell so much so I don’t have to constantly adjust my volume up and down? Sometimes when you start screaming there is no build up so you go from talking to me directly to screaming and I have to grab my iPad and force decrease the volume to almost zero then you temporarily get calm and I miss some of what your talking about. When you start building up I can turn down the volume in preparation for the angry shouting but sometimes it catches me off guard. The messages you deliver in Jesse name are so important in these end times and I get why your excited, but please please work on the theater part of screaming… it almost feels like a disciplinary attack. Thank you in advance and God bless you and your wife and family

  6. (1) Remember the Shabbat to keep it Q'Desh (2) Remember Lot's wife (3) Do this in Remembrance of Me (Urim and Thummin ~ Bread and Wine ~ Body and Blood ~ Confession and Repentance)

  7. Humans should stop abusing, killing n eating animals. In the beginning God made animals for our company. God only allowed us to eat animals when there was no vegetation. So what's the excuse now for eating animals,??

  8. Psalms 91! Fear not for U am with you thank you Jesus! They said something about virus affecting worse certain blood types I believe if you have the blood of Jesus He will protect us if you are faithful and not being foolish amein

  9. I didn't know you could sing too Pastor Begley 😊?! Great job on the song Pastor!! The song softened the blow of what is taking place in the world presently. Everything just seems surreal, even though I knew it was coming soon… Yet, as you already know, it is all prophesied in the Word of God. But, yeah, here we are–ready or not, here it is!!
    "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most high, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty" 🕊🔥❤❤ 🙌 🙌.

  10. I am Catholic and we are waiting for the Warning (over 20 years ago) the Illumination of Conscious by The Holy Spirit and an event will usher it in… maybe the asteroid ☄️?

  11. Here in NC the hospitals have about half the beds emoty still with over 700 confirmed cases BUT they wont test anyone unless theyre over 65, has underlying health conditions, or severe symptoms requirung hospitalization. We are being told to stay home if we get sick


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