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  1. JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — The Alaska Earthquake Center reports that a magnitude 5.0 earthquake hit southern Alaska. It was felt by people in the state's capital. Juneau.

  2. Pastor Paul about 5 days ago,I became homeless,and I took a ride with a man I didn't know.I am at this mans mercy now.I want to just drop dead and die,get it over with.JESUS,please take me home,I don't want to sin to surviv.Please pray for me,TY Gina

  3. Pastor Paul I just want to let you know that the next storm system that come through the gulf will be a hurricane jesee James predict it oh that's right it's hurricane season

  4. I have always said that the underground cities would NEVER work for them. earthquakes, magma etc would give them an immediate grave. Getting off the planet as Elon Musk said is not logical either, where is the thinking process there? If its happening to the earth, it most likely worse on the other planets.

  5. If Jupiter have a Barycenter, so would planet X system. Also, our water system in Halfax / Dartmouth Nova Scotia has a brownish residue in standing water , ie a ring around the toilet bowls.

  6. I had one dream where on the horizon I saw the sun and then a red planet beside it. I then had another dream where I saw the sun on the horizon, and there was a second sun beside it. Both of these dreams were in the last 2 weeks.


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