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  1. Paul begley is endorsing the antichrist as the Messiah. If I'm wrong, why didn't he title this video (Jesus the Messiah) is coming BACK.
    The title of this video sounds like an unbelieving Jew titled it.

  2. If two be gathered in JESUS name He is in the midst.
    Covid 19 no problem
    Prayer and trusting in JESUS a cure for lost souls for sure and a cure for any virus if it be the LORDS WILL.
    GODS blessings to a hurting and lost world.

  3. Maybe it's just me,….but, are the hospitals taking Coronavirus-filled ventilator masks and putting them on the next/another/a new patient immediately after taking them off patients who have just died? Also, couldn't the ventilators and ventilator masks, that have recently been shipped to America (USA) which came from China & to New York City which were shipped from Washington State and Oregon, still have the Coronavirus on them? And, now they are telling us "Zoo Animals" are now catching the Coronavirus? Really? Really? What? Now, they will probably close the few Zoos that were still open. Soon, they will be telling us, "You can't bring your dogs out of the house nor take them for a walk to let them pee!" Do they really want us to believe that the tigers in the Zoo have caught Coronavirus from their "care givers" / Zookeepers…or out of the clear blue sky/or out of the 5G – chemtrail skies?

  4. VERY CONCERNING: Pope Francis dropped the title "Vicar of Christ

    All popes up to Francis had the title "vicar of Christ" preceding their name in official church documents. And Francis did also, until this year. 'Vicar of Christ" means "instead of Christ" which in this context means "Christ is not here, but this man has been chosen to represent him".
    Now, having only his formal name, the official documents state that Francis is representing himself, not Christ. I don't know how he's getting away with it, but it is now officially stated that he's not representing Christ anymore, by him. He needs to be expelled over this, but probably won't be,Β IT IS NOW CONFIRMED: Francis is the anti-pope, in dropping this title he is stating it openly. He has no intention AT ALL of representing Christ.

  5. The satanic NWO global demons are attempting a coup on God by stopping us from going to Church. But, they can keep abortion clinics open. They are evil scum.
    I guess I need to understand that this is supposed to happen. I need to stop being angry about these heathens and pray that they turn from their evil agenda. My anger will not stop them. I know that Jesus is our King and he will set everything right. I need to get my focus back on Jesus.

  6. As I was writing this morning and in prayer.

    This the LORD has spoke in to my heart just now.

    God is going to lead us to a place
    Where we are not going to lean on ourselves but to look to him.

    Because the battle and the decievement is to great.

    We think all this time weve conjured in our own heart that we can do things with our part time relationship with him God!

    Most of us can't even pray for an hour.

    Crisis are going to make people deal with the truth of what we really are,
    with our part time relationship
    that not living continuously, walking out minute by minute and living with God in our in every emotion in our part time relationship with him.
    We need to go to him for our resources not to the world.

    Cause our failures and trials will come again.

    God will show us that we need to lean on him, and not our selves
    every hour….
    Trusting him alone.

    Therefore God is going to show us who we really are in our relationship.

    This is great
    God is going to move in our relationship…
    To show us just where are we with him.

    That we need to get closer to him.

    Yes yes yes .

    Father I thank you .
    You cause circumstances.❀
    In crisis like this you bring us closer to you.
    I thank you Lord for this day for your word for the truth.
    We bless you Lord
    We thank you that no matter what happens your word is instilled in our minds and hearts.
    They may be able to burn our Bibles take our churches shut down this Earth but your word never fails neither does your love.


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