Twin Quakes Hit Mexico and Russia 6.3 Quakes also Get My New 2-DVD SET “Isaiah’s Apocalypse” @



  1. Look into the plexus products for health. The pink drink does amazing things, for me it's lowered my blood pressure , my sugar level, gives me energy and the probiotics heal your gut which, intern heals everything else. This product changed my life. God bless.

  2. All the travels you do, so many people you’re around, please keep hand sanitizer with and use it often. Hand shaking needs to be minimal!! I’m telling you Pastor.. ya ya.. ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Dang right I am! I’m not in the medical field to stress play with germs!!
    I see you touch your eyes and face often…. STOP! Viruses love those moist wet areas!! Everyone knows all this but we tend to forget!! Now…gargle with warm strong salt water often. (do this at first sign of feeling crummy) and drink water, herbal tea. Coffee…nope! Not today. Let your body heal! The stimulant only intensifies those darn viruses! Hey.. Yes, IM SERIOUSLY SERIOUS!!

  3. For those paying attention, these 6.0+ quakes are happening at a rate of several a week now. Parallel to that are the comets and fireballs. These events are being triggered by the "heavenly body" beneath us on the elliptical plain as it makes its way towards our Sun. These events are only going to get worse as the 'dark star' closes in on the Sun. This thing is, and will, continue to effect people's minds and health as the magnetosphere continues to deteriorate because of its presence. So the weather will continue to worsen around the world. There will be more wars, domestic shootings, stabbings and assaults as people lose their minds due to electromagnetic bombardment and radiation. There'll be bigger quakes and larger impacts from meteors. As the 'dark star' gets closer to its binary brother the "bread and circuses" here on earth will increase as Governments around the globe try to distract their populations from what is happening around them. Once the 'dark star' re-energizes via our Star, it will no longer be invisible to us and as it swings past the Sun it will light-up bright red and be visible to all! There will be two Sun's in our sky. One white, the other red. Then things will REALLY get "biblical"!! The Red Dragon awakens!

  4. Always remember when you travel keep sanitizer with you for plane lysol to sanitize motel rooms bed sheets blankets and bathroom will help.never leave home without it when traveling.

  5. There's a lot of colds going around. Everyone in my family has one. It's not too bad and you should get over it quick. Well I hope all is well with you and your family and may God bless all of you.

  6. Prayers for a quick recovery. Take it easy for a couple of days. You work soooooo hard!!!! Prayers, peace, and love to ya. WE ARE in the last seconds of the last moments of the last days.WFS!!!!


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