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  1. IF Jesus Returned …NOW, Would There BE ANY CHANCE That Someone Teaching & Preaching Another Doctrine Other than The True Gospel Of Christ=A Doctrine Of Devils, Would Be Given A chance To ADMIT they WERE WRONG & TOO PROUD OF Their Doctrine & HOW Strongly They Felt As IF IT was the SAME Interpretation/KING Of Kings that OUR Creator Has & Holds As His Only Begotten WORD & TRUTH ??? IF Paul Begley Was teaching A doctrine of devils, but WHOLE heartedly Believed 'E' Was Preachin' IT AS The father WOULD Preach IT when Jesus Return'd, Would There BE ANY chance that Paul WAS NOT Going Into the lake Of FIRE ???

  2. I feel that evilness is now showing its face. Everyone stood back knowing it just takes 4-5 min to die. I know we are all sick about this he continued with all cameras on him and never blinked He wAs so full of evil he didn’t are but we never stood up either. No I wasn’t there but I’m worried that most will not stand up against evil we need to pray and continue to pray

  3. Hello everyone, I'm John Grissom. I'm getting multiple news media outlets are reporting riots have broken out in Atlanta, New York, Texas, its spreading. They are reporting right now riots in Atlanta Georgia.

  4. This is a race thing. He would not have done this to you. And we need to pray for his family which you did not say. But people speak from tbe heart . God bless and keep his family……

  5. God bless trump, keep reporting trump and expose the catholic church and others that keep bringing in illegals and economic immigrants every day!! Shame on those doing that.

  6. Trump is correct uv c light can help treat against disease and covid 19. The bible says dont be angry or violent or unlawful but some blacks and young people in the last 20 years ignore god and his teachings and use anger as an endless excuse to keep doing crimes year after year. Shame on all of them that do crimes. God is watching and they will have to meet god one day.

  7. Most blacks are good law abiding people but some at these protests are the bottom of the barrel dregs of their community that are simple thinkers like unbridled horses that the bible talks about that have a problem with self control. Many are illegal also and must be deported and banned from ever returning.

  8. Many white people get a police officer kneeling on their necks also, it has happened many times I have seen it on TV on cops like most people have but only one race seems to riot and to steal sometimes and become lawless disobeying god's instruction.

  9. Ask mike from around the world if us army special forces took the dna out of the body of gilgamesh(nimrod) iraq/syria 2003! Is the anti christ a clone of nimrod(the 1st world dictator)! "Whaaaat?!"😰

  10. My opinion, this is all because of the trump presidency, they want to create such a bad environment to basically guarantee that people will be afraid to vote trump again (youtube censors this god knows why)

  11. I want to know if the fine people of Minneapolis protested when that white woman was killed by the Somalian police officer? No not violent… I was wondering about even peaceful protests? Anything? Anybody?

  12. Christians should not be involved with any type of rebellion! Period! Servants don't have the right to be outraged!! If you are a follower of Jesus, you'll act and react like He would. If you don't, the "old man" isn't dead and that needs to be addressed before you meet "the man", the Son of Man. He's coming.

  13. I think there's a LOT more to this story than we are hearing from the MSM (Fake News). I believe this whole thing was a set up and Geo So res sent in instigators to riot. Wouldn't surprise me at all. I also read that an ambulance was called, but when they arrived, they didn't even try to work on the victim, just loaded him in the ambulance and took off?! The TRUTH will come out eventually.

  14. Cnn 🙂 Trying to find ways to control this destroy????? How ? Simple think outside the box. You put everyone names down for protesters and say u are going to set you up. You will be reimbursed and notified to all extant rules and such. Stage 1 Now you got no one out protesting or nothing. Stage 2 build a small building that will take a week to plain and a day to build with furthermore Central Units around the states to developed a way one on one interview about theses protesters on what is a core problem to change the way to think outside the box. CROW<

  15. That monster looked like he had an evil entity inside his body! Praying for the Floyd family and the other innocent Black victims. God sees all and nobody gets away with nothing!

  16. There needs to be a Federal program that extensively evaluates a potential police officers psychological fitness, as well as extensive background checking. On all current and future police officers. I would also mandate that from this point forward all officers nationwide need to have a body camera on at all times while on duty.


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