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  1. WHAT??? Thank you for the message Pastor Begley……it really opened my eyes. If any of you believe what Pastor Begley is preaching you should also check out Jacob Israel….he is a man of great faith and speaks the truth. That's what we all need the truth right? If not then what do we have at the end of the day?

  2. I live in SouthFlorida and I thank God Almighty that that thing did not hit us at a category 6 or 7 like it was going to. I don't understand why don't hear anybody giving praise to God for this thing not destroying South Florida or any other part.Lord help the Bahamas but I'm telling you right now this could have been way way way way worse somebody give a shout out to Jesus Christ please

  3. Isaiah specifically speaks about the benefits of fasting – what all can come from them! If more saints of the Most High would do them, then Yeshua will help us fight off the enemy and hold him back. But because they won't do it – especially at His Appointed Times and Seasons, then you will see the increase in these demonic spirits and them overtaking people. :'( :'( :'(

  4. Pastor Begley, thank you for taking time to share so much information with us that we wouldn't normally hear on the TV and/or radio. How you can keep such a sweet disposition about you considering all that is happening, and with a lot of people saying mean things about you is beyond me. Keep up the good work and know that we are praying for you and your family. May YHWH Yeshua richly bless you and keep you!! May His face shine upon you, and give you much Shalom!

  5. Pastor Paul! That was the most wonderful message I've ever heard you share. Those verses are tugging at my feet – they want to leave this world. So do I. Thank you so much for bringing great honour and glory to Christ. May the Lord grant repentance that leads to life.

    You're right. Dorian is just the foreshadow of the coming storms.

  6. hey paul, you mite want to keep an eye on us great brit's in the uk i can report that scarecrows of clowns are in every town were i live northeast and somethings not right ..! Proverbs 28:28

  7. That's some good preaching, hardly never hear that kind of preaching anymore. Mostly about prosperity, "Get Saved, Get Rich" now days. Awesome when the anoiting comes on the scene, coming to you Live✨

  8. hello i've been trying to order your bible your app on you tube store is not working to order keep getting red star .comes on …. how can i get one ???? stay safe take care pray for everyone out there… AMEN


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