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  1. We had a very strong thunderstorm Sunday afternoon, and power outages all over DFW. Also if that is where I think it is a power substation right off the freeway is there. Where high tension power lines from all over North Texas terminate. So it could have been debris iin air that were bridging the lines and the lights are from electrical arcs.

  2. The light was from a transformer blowing, I talked to someone who lives next to the explosion, an eye wittness makes all the difference. No matter what anyone has been told but according to him it defiantly wss a transformer blowing..

  3. I was a truck driver for years….and maybe others can confirm my sighting….but i used to see this kind of thing ALOT. The first time was in oklahoma about 2 in the morning. In Pennsylvania several times. Always in the wee hours. Always foggy when i seen it.

  4. Okay multiple times I have been driving north of Dallas towards OKC and while in the middle of nowhere yea a flash just like that out of no where! Friends have seen it too, its DARPA something, probably, but I have seen it multiple times!!!


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