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  1. Right now in NZ..
    We are day 1 into a complete lockdown. Eerily quiet all over. Still in a surreal state of shock tbh. We are constantly bombarded with geo-chems as well to conceal what can be easily seen if people took the time to look up. We can clearly see that binary system passing overhead everyday now..followed closely by Asteroids and debris clouds. Many of the rich elites are hiding out here in our country in their underground bunkers down South. Influx of military forces from US over last week or so. Believe the lockdown is a cover to execute arrest warrents with minimal public knowledge or distruption.
    The majority are blind to it all but there are higher then average numbers awake or starting to ask questions..finally!
    Its alot at once but its all preordained…as per God's Word!

  2. What’s the chances of coronavirus being the mild way to get people to stay in for preparations of an impact. While coronavirus is serious on some levels, to the average person it doesn’t seem to be life threatening. Should you tell people the real reasonFor staying indoors and start preparing, It could Cause riots and a lot more destruction…
    Don’t wanna be that guy, but just a thought?


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