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  1. My hope and trust is in Christ!! I don’t care what Satan’s cronies are doing because I’m solid in my relationship with Christ!! They will never take that from me!! I’m so sick of the lies!!

  2. You will need then to travel in 2019 you will not be able to fly anywhere. I just found out that my driver license is not considered a government ID. It use to be just like your birth certificate. Its all changing Even watching you on your SMART TV.

  3. your an awesome preacher of our Lord and Saviour, brother you will be rewarded for your hard work, I love your video's and the love you have for the ppl of the true God, keep em coming, still lots to cover, your a master truther God bless with enough money to keep your phone up and running your gonna need that for saving ppl from this world of evil, looks like you got all the tool's to guide the lost flock and get them back in the fold, Jesus is always with you, brother. I like your set up, divide and conquer the enemy, your on fire for the true Jesus Christ.

  4. It already happened to me. I thought I was just the only one. It asked for my drivers license and to email it. Till this day I can't access my account so I opened a new account.

  5. Wow! Thanks much, but aren't they tracking everything I post via Google, Twitter and YouTube now? I never trusted Face Book & only joined in 2010 when I was a part of this Network Marketing Company.
    God's abundant Blessings & favor to you ~♥

  6. we have been saying this for over a decade
    the secret is they want you to demand the very devices that they use against you to track identify categorize and take away your privacy in the name of safety terrorism threats theft prevention just like cashless society

  7. Hey Controversy, you are not right about facebook. You CAN message people without the facebook messenger app, just go on facebook on your android browser and sign in, message all you want. I am aware of what the messenger app does, hence why I don't have it.


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