“Coronavirus Explodes on the World”
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  1. The leading cause of death today is not a virus, it's a person. Bill Gates maybe, planned parenthood, vaccines, abortions, etc. Mr. Nice Guy says has all the answers. Or maybe he is the fall guy for a much more powerful person or group . There is more going on than we think, and it's been that way for a very, very long time.
    It's time to get right with the Lord. Yes, turn to God, miracles happen. Revival

  2. He guides us who are truly his by his Voice…not Signs and healings….." it is a wicked and foolish generation that asks for a sign…..but none will be given…..except that of Jonah…"….in other words jf you fail to heed his voice and daily instruction….youre in trouble….and you wont get out until you agree to obey…lest you be swallowed and consumed…..stop eating preservatives and prepackaged foods if you want to live long enough to complete the mission God has for you to complete…..death is welcome at His timing….but not until.

  3. As soon as you get home Paull get your heart checked. I thought I was "OK " but ended up taking a stress test and being sent directly to London for a double bypass. One. Artery 90 % blocked, anotjer 85% blocked

  4. Pastor Paul: we need to back off on the seriousness of the human coronavirus as a world threqt: Im being complegely serious but there is an absolute cure to that virus this minute. Its as simple literally as looking at the back of your household can of Lysol. Please go do thsi right now and see what one of the diseases is that Lysol will kill: you got it- Human corona virus. Not a joke people.

  5. dear Paul, I WILL GIVE YOU THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NEWS YOU EVER EXPECTED, in these last days…look…I was talking last 3 days with CONSTANTIN, from Moldavia, ROMANIA, about the Apocalipse…and marvollous news he said that GOD, told him, THAT HE DOESNT ALLOW ANYMORE THE antichrist, TO COME ON THE EARTH TO DO WHAT HE WANTS TO DO AS IT SAIS IN THE BIBLE…simply because, the ppl suffered already TOO MUCH….so dear PAUL, DONT PREACH ANYMORE ABOUT antichrist, satan, 666, and all that stuff, but teach ppl to pray, that nibiru, doesnt destruct too much the planet, in those moments will come this year, in order to clean the planet of all evil, like, satanists, drugs, drunkers, porno, smoke, liers, bombs, nuclear, army supplies etc…cause ONLY SO, JESUS CAN RETURN TO US, THOSE THAT KEPT AND FOLLOWED THE GODS LOWS…BE HAPPY NOW

  6. How do you know ??? I think we are farther along than you think.. Things are going to get much worse.. I have seen things.. things that Mike F A T W talks about.. It is there bro. I ve seen it. May cant be far away enough..


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