1. Thanks a Lot Amir Tsarfati for keeping us informed. Though l do keep connected with your Telegram & YouTube Channels. May GOD bless you & His Ministry in your life always AMEN HaleluJah SHALOM.

  2. The BRICKS CONFERENCE that is holding in SOUTH AFRICA. They said Putton is coming here himself. He is seek for warcrimes. SA will do nothing and this is the time for outsiders to step in and get him for that reason and to stop him. Outside people will have a change because SA will do nothing as always. I pray 🙏 for you and Israel. God is always on the throne and Israel is His. Peace to you and Istael is His!!!!!!

  3. The drone-attack was orchestrated by Mr. PRIGOZJIN, as a WARNING to Mr. Putin what will happen if he should FAIL TO FULFIL HIS PROMISES towards the leader of the WAGNER group!!!!
    Putin meanwhile knows Wagner is behind the attack….

  4. There's no logical way for me to believe Ukraine tried to kill pootin. The chances of hitting pootin with a drone flying hundreds of miles to hit an exact piece of real estate that the modern world's most hated mass murderer is standing on is as remote as threading a needle with a ships anchor. pootin needs an excuse to go nuclear… the drones came from rusha.

  5. Day Badids! Likayi lang ang mga tam-is ha? Ang mga softdrinks ug mga artificial juices nga di tinuod nga juice. Ang mga parat ug mga mantikaon nga pagkaon kay mo nay makatambok nato. Makdaot pa sa lwas.

  6. I think Putin did this whole thing. The whole world is looking at Putin like a greed driven blood thirsty rabid dog, so he needed an excuse to destroy Ukraine, and this gives him the excuse to "retaliate". He's a master of fake news and false propaganda, and how convenient that he wasn't hurt. Even the Kremlin looks as though it wasn't damaged other than the flag knocked off the top of the building. How convenient.

  7. I believe the Kremlin staged that incident due to the fact if you watch it, it looks like a big fire cracker going off over the top of that building and no damage was incurred. They want an excuse to nuke Ukraine and or anybody else that they so deserve to do.

  8. Come on are you kidding me? What kind of Fool Believes what murdering Communists have to say? And that little fireworks display barely damaged the flagpole. Ukrainians have been proving for the past year they are so much more capable then that ridiculous Kremlin orchestrated joke. Additionally the ukrainians are not so stupid as to expect flying in one drone is going to take out Putin or anybody else. And certainly not without Israeli caliber intelligence.

  9. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Ptuin tried to "assassinate" himself as an excuse to do ANYTHING, even to launching a few tactical nukes. This man is pure evil, and may well be the one to move with Iran, Turkey and several other nations to attack Israel soon.


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