Powerful CME headed Toward the Earth on September 25
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  1. Hey Heidi..practise your Hebrew in Israel…they sincerely appreciate people learning THEIR language. ..have a blessed journey no doubt! Look forward to hearing what transpires xx
    Ps.."the dream team" teach Hebrew sooo quickly..their methodology is soo quick and easy compared to eteacher…and very inexpensive and still first class for anyone interested 27AUD a month. It all depends on the teacher!!

  2. This is a poem I wrote to my dear Christian friends that love and visit my land, Israel

    Poem to the Believer

    There is a lamb white as snow bleeding on a rock.

    A knife lies by its side, shimmering and aglow.

    Why must this harsh deed be done, why must it be so?

    Why do you smile and dance with laughter, and come to our land?

    Why do you say, I love you, I'm with you, come and hold my hand?

    Is it he that walked on water, He that rose again? Is it He that lets you

    ride the current and fills your sails with wind?

    Is it He that blows your ships in this direction, all the way to our shores

    that you may see the blood stained rock, and pray with such conviction.

    To see the lamb all white again striding in a meadow of affection.

    No blade of grass is bent beneath his path of travel, from the beginning

    and till the end, all the way to the gate of Jerusalem.

  3. I don't mean to be critical, BUT….IF you ever do a video again, you really need to SPEAK UP LIKE YA' HAVE A PAIR!!!!!!!!!!!! AND, there was many times like you sounded like a drunk due to slurring your words. This may be due to being either timid or not sure of your self. This can be over come quite easily if simply take like you were correcting a child, I.e. raising your voice to make SURE THE CHILD IS LISTENING TO YOU….which I'm sure you can relate since you have kids of your own ;-). BUT, many of us do not have computers and have to rely on phones or tablets and BOTH ARE NOT KNOWN FOR THEIR GREAT AUDIO QUALITY, SO YOU **DO** HAVE TO **SPEAK UP** so we can hear what you're saying!!!! And tell your hubby I just love his presentations and HOW he does them, What, WHAT…CALM DOWN….LOL!! BEING 68 yes old, there's not that much anymore that impresses me, but if I don't get my daily listen to your hubby, I DO seem to feel like I'm having WITHDRAWLS, HAHAHAHA!!! Take care, and God bless your family!!!!

  4. Heidi…for brussel sprouts…I steam them first til they are soft, then slice in half, and broil with bacon bits and fig balsomic reduction drizzled over them, No bitter taste and they remain healthy.

  5. Torch of Christ minists. next to your video on Spiritual Pride; take it as confirmation/Warning. NO Christian has the right to say they are above criticism and no one can tell them anything; We all need to learn and Avoid Pride!

  6. San Diego University says pedophilia is sexual orientation, Congress trying to pass Equality Act which makes sexual orientation PROTECTED under anti discrimination.
    Anybody else see a Problem with all this?


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