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  1. YES I live in Tucson it hit Tucson around 4pm it destroyed my wooden awning over my pond, it uprooted it and knocked down part of my wooden fence. Now I have all these repairs to make. And our power went out for 3 hours. So this kabob hit Tucson as well!

  2. When I lived in Phoenix for 30 years, this type dust storm would hit Phoenix every year during the monsoon season. The weather and the dust is just one reason I left Arizona. " Valley fever blowing in the dust "

  3. Did you know that the eclipse that will happen on monday April 8 2024 will be on the same night as the 2024 NCAA basketball Championship game and it will be hosted in Phoenix?

  4. I live in the valley, these dust storms are nothing new, we got these every nite in monsoon season especially in the late 80's they stopped for a few years and have returned last year and this year so nothing unusual here.


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