At 8:04 p.m. the party officially declared Pierre Poilievre the winner with 68.15% of the vote from Conservative party members. 

Jean Charest was in second place with 16.07% of the vote. In third place was Leslyn Lewis, with 9.69% of the vote.

Poilievre is currently the member of Parliament for the riding of Carleton, in Ontario. He has served his constituents since 2004, without losing a federal election. He also played the role of minister of democratic reform between 2013 and 2015, during Stephen Harper’s time as prime minister.

Poilievre had been the front-runner since the beginning of the race, with Jean Charest as a close second. His events have attracted tens of thousands of Canadians to rally with him and endorse his ideas for the future of Canada. 

Poilievre ran on ideas such as lowering taxes, banning his ministers from attending conferences organized by the World Economic Forum, a smaller government, and defunding the CBC (the state-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

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