Breaking Pope Prophecy Update: 10 Major Prophetic End Times Signs For 2022!


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  1. Everything I've been taught from the bible in the SDA church is planted in my heart …we were taught to live a simple life without the glitz and glamour to be generous in our giving to others. Even though I am not attending the church for some time I do believe that the sabbath was a sanctified and sealed holy day of God. 🙇👐

  2. Attention!

    Pope Francis is the antichrist, he’s 85 years old, not many people live beyond mid 90’s so therefore the rapture and tribulation will happen within the next 10 years!!!! Can’t have the tribulation without the antichrist. He’s human, he will still die before 100 most likely. WE ARE SO CLOSE TO GOING HOME! JESUS IS COMING FOR HIS CHURCH TO TAKE US FROM THE EARTH BEFORE THE DARKEST TIME IN HISTORY THE TRIBULATION HAPPENS!!!! ACCEPT JESUS AS LORD AND SAVIOR TO BE SAVED BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!!!!! JUST BECAUSE THE RAPTURE&TRIBULATION WILL HAPPEN IN A DECADE OR LESS, DOESNT MEAN YOU CANT DIE TOMORROW!!!!! WE ARENT PROMISED TOMORROW!!!! GET SAVED NOW!!!!!!

  3. The WHO is as guilty or not more guilty than China whom started this virus when it first came out they let China drag their feet and not give them information and then when they did they lied about the information they gave The WHO and the WHO just let it slide by with a virus you need to act fast the virus spreads very fast time is of the essence and the WHO did not care enough to make them give them an answer sooner than later not to let countries lie and stall them well the virus is spreading 🧐

  4. My son and I always argue about the Sabbath I tell him the Sabbath Saturday and he said that's the Old law he said it doesn't matter anymore because we all forgiven for all our sins 🧐! He mentions that it's stated in Galatians the Sabbath does not matter. I quote the Bible that if you love me you will keep my Sabbath in John and that doesn't matter to my son.

  5. Thank you Father for Mark Fox for the truth in his teachings, opening our eyes in this dark, secret world. I ask in Jesus' name to bless Mark in his incredible truth teachings of our Lord and Savior. Amen

  6. Blessed be the Son of Man
    The Nazarene from Bethlehem
    The Holy Risen King
    Blessed be God's Lamb
    My Lord You walked upon this earth
    Born of the Virgin's Birth
    To You I sing…

    Thank You Lord
    For laying down Your Life for me
    Thank You Lord
    For allowing Your Precious Blood to be Shed
    To bring forgiveness to me
    Glory be to the Father and to Thee
    Jesus Christ my King…

    Just and True
    Are Your Words and Your Way's
    Perfect Holy and Eternal
    Worthy are You Lord Jesus to be Praised
    My Spirit yields at the sound of Your Name…

    By Jim and the Holy Spirit…

  7. Thank you man of God, you seem to be directing people to Seventh day other than God.

    That to is deception of deep ground. Even when we are all standing before God in judgement of His white throne. Get me right, am not Catholic or Pentecostal, etc. etc.
    Do you think God will be asking? Those who are Catholic this side, Seventh Day that side, Pentecostal this side and what a view. God look's at one's soul. He see's soul's. Teach the Gospel of Hope, Joy, Love and an Everlasting God who will condemn sin and sinner to eternal condemnation. The Bible reminds us for ALL have sinned, and come short of His Glory. Yes, even homosexuals will be saved, murder's, thieves, liars etc etc. Teach the word of God not propaganda. May God save us all and show His mercy upon mankind in Jesus Christ name Amen

  8. I'm in Toronto and the Devil is trying to put me in jail, from alot of the Portuguese and their police slandered against me with delfemation of character. But Jesus is getting ready, it's a test. I'm not a criminal.

  9. He is coming, anytime your attacked you have to tell people on the map with a review about the Rapture coming 2022, Amazing Prophecies, Isaiah Salvidore, Bible Flock Box, Off The Kirb Ministry, etc. Tell them Jesus is coming!


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