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  1. Why does USA destroy our country??
    Middle East ???? Russia help us. Saves the Muslim. Last 30 USA/NATO destroying the all of us. Now it’s time.
    Look at Afghanistan,Egypt,Iraq,Syria,Libya,Africa,
    Venezuela,Japan,Russia, Ukraine what they have done??? Not Russia.

  2. Boris better keep his nose clean because I heard the queen is trying to block Brexit and was she controlling Theresa May? That doctor who's also a political analyst on YouTube from Annarbor, I forget his name said he was told not to go to any parties in DC because they will drug you and then take pictures of you doing something that you didn't really do at all.

  3. God forgive me But I love Trump n Putin Boris Johnson.. This are real strong men .. Not like the rest of the weak man in the world.. ✊🏻👊💪🏻✊🏻👊✊🏻💪🏼

  4. @ 30:00 min. Pastor "The last thing I need". I love you dearly pastor and am concerned. World events and all secrets thereof are being revealed. Please my brother "Be Still and Know that I AM GOD". Good or bad, Gods will shall be done. Thank you Lord Jesus for you shed your blood that all may be saved.

  5. exactly, why were South Koreans there when Russians decided to fly in that area, it is clear that it was South Koreans fold 😉. a logic doo

  6. Gog oh land of Magog, soon He will have a hook in his jaw..
    The EUROPEAN Union just gathered together a 10-nation confedercy to solve Crises.. Daniel 2, here comes Mr. Ten Toes!! It's called the EU interactive initiative… wow!! 😇💝😇🎺

  7. You're right Paul the birds of a feather all flock together all stick together you're right they're all going to stick together just like the demon rats just like them just like all your right

  8. They're showing their colors Paul they're seeing what kind of reaction they're going to get okay but Captain Obvious is always out there leaving memo so we know what time it is


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