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  1. The Most High God has not sanctioned international war at this time in the Western Hemisphere. As a result of that, The Most High God has interrupted plans by several enemy countries to simultaneously strike cities on Sunday 8-30-2020 in Britain, France, the United States and attack military bases and troops in South America and Central America that belong to Britain, France and the United States. The attack where the Russian troops rammed into the US military vehicle in Syria this past week was the signal to the enemy groups to launch the Sunday 8-30-2020 joint military attacks. However, military forces of The Most High God has averted those attacks in the very early hours of this morning on Saturday 8-29-20. Now some of the leaders, military forces and people involved in those enemy countries will be dealt with by The Most High God.

  2. Russia/China will never attack United States EVER nor vice versa and I'll tell you why.
    All three countries have enough nuclear weapons to blow up the earth many times, there is a losers agreement that whatever country is losing rather then surrender they will blow the earth up, don't believe me look it up, I don't remember the name for the agreement but it exists. They will never attack eachother

  3. Blessed is he who believes and hath not seen. If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. We are to judge sin, repent from sin, rebuke sin and even hate sin when we are in Christ. However, turning from sin doesn’t save us. Gods grace saves us.

  4. Bwahahaha Russia and the US are actually ONLY 2.1 that's right two point one miles apart at their closest points. Russia is conducting military war games up there as we do. WHAT! is the reason for your FEAR MONGERING THIS TIME.

  5. I see Russia, China, Venezuela and Iran attacking us in different place's at the time. then our main land with bombs, war plane's and troops. don't be surprised if Turkey and Syria and Saudi Arabia help's all the other's I just mentioned . this would be perfect timing for them all right now. with The U.S.A. in all the mess that is going on here. no telling how many thousands here would help them if it could hurt President Trump with his cause for our country. God Bless President Trump.

  6. It's like they are waving this hand as an distraction while planning on using the other hand somewhere else. Draw the US attention and then something comes in from the south.


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