“GREEN is being slowly revealed in soft closure of Planet X”
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  1. Yea now they say that when the thing is knocking on our BACK DOOR! That thing is here now thats why they chemtrail the skies. So 2024 is the other ecliose x marks the spot we shall see! The 3 days of darkness is when planetx x blocks out tje SUN! Do NOT go outside when this happens! Demons will be out there stay in and PRAY till the light returns!!

  2. Oooooo…. Yes… Right on pastor. That was a good one man… I been telling them this too. I pray right on Facebook.. I tell them too speak there prayers out loud.. if we work together and start doing what the good book says all of us it says that it's not all set in stone too… Some of the vision was left out and he was told not to right it down…

  3. This guy is scamming everyone on this soft disclosure. There is no soft disclosure by the scientific community and Nasa about another large planet in our solar system. They release scientific evidence publicly, as it is discovered and verified. I believe he is covering his ass about ridiculous statements he made about the existence of the planet Nibiru and its close fly by of Earth thousands of years ago. Again this guy is calling Nasa and the scientific community liers. I do not believe they are lying. I believe he is just trying to maintain his credibility with his Christian audience.

  4. AMERICAS CIVIL WAR will be in 2020.The year is mentioned in Jeremiah 51:46. The season is mentioned in Jeremiah 50:16.(the fall) the reason why will be the ELECTION! Check out my U-tube videos on the " prophet Bradley " U-tube channel. I promise you that you will love them!

  5. Here's what it says in The Bible… Our father lets us know that satan has 3 levels tied up here… Thick AI clouds blocking out his fake universe from our fathers vision…. But our father JEHOVAH knew and was just waiting to make a joke out of taking the whole fake Luciferian Galaxy Hollywood, with a good time and a practical joke or two…

  6. 6th seal: Planet X flyby! 7th seal: 30 minutes till Earth enters into debris field following Planet X! 1st trumpet: Earth enters debris field! "Blood" mingled with "Fire" rain from the sky!
    2nd trumpet: A mountain sized meteor slams into the sea!
    3rd trumpet: Wormwood!!!
    4th trumpet: Sun, Moon and Stars darkened by a third!!!
    5th trumpet: Deep Impact causing plague of locusts!
    6th trumpet: Wide scale death!
    7th trumpet: Jesus takes control!!!

  7. Do you still think I’m having biblical strong delusions Pastor? That’s what I was accused of in a video after I sent some photos to you. No offense to you my friend, and God bless you, but you should listen to others as well. People you may not know nor would anyone else know. God chooses people to see things. Jeremiah 33:3. This is Revelation 12. The signs are in the sun, moon, and stars. Not to mention the skies. Get ready folks. Jesus Christ, Faithful and True!

  8. Pastor Paul, the planetary image you show on the thumbnail has been showing up on numerous worldwide telescope feeds for a year, now. It's not a small pinpoint of light, either. In some instances, it fills the sky from east to west.
    Is it a mirage? Or a hologram? Or an optical trick produced by swamp gas, reflecting light from Venus? &))

  9. Pastor Paul. If that green file contains the information you claim it does, You should release it immediately, Could save a lot of Lives. If you dont , and a lot of ppl. Die cause you with held life saving information, You could be held accountable by the authorities.

  10. The "news" has been telling us since before 2012, that Niburu was coming and would be here "soon". No worries. If God wants it to affect Earth, then so be it. Just always be ready to meet your maker!


  12. The only thing I cant get my head around is, how come your still alive and not been taken out. I hope you've got another copy of the memory stick, stay safe Paul & Heidi , blessings from the U.K.

  13. – A Star with three tails will be born in the east, due to which many villages will be reduced to ashes. [The "star with three tails" is the comet with three tails. Burning pieces falling from the comet will destroy cities, villages and forests]…

  14. I love your videos, but I have to disagree with you on Trump and what is happening in Syria. Have you seen the reports by CBN and what is actually happening on the ground. Turkey's allies have never honored the ceasefire. Beyond that they have gone much further into Syria than their so called safe zone. In fact just like ISIS they are taking Christian homes and driving them out. They are intentionally shooting at civilians, and ambulances trying to evacuate the wounded. Washington is tuning a blind eye to it because of Turkey's membership in NATO and the fact we have a large number of American Service men and nuclear weapons in Turkey. This is a complex problem which it appears we either cannot or will not protect, Christian and other minorities in Syria. Our brothers and sisters in Christ are losing their homes, their livelihoods and some, their very lives. This breaks my heart and Trump is not standing up for them,even with very well document reports. I had so much hope for Trump, but this severely disappoints me.

  15. it's are lord coming and the planet is New Jerusalem, and his disciples and this week all over the world the two Witnesses, were spotted to the North two bright light's shinning in all of their Glory, so yes it is just about here folks, it is so big that it is already reflecting off from the sun or something cause we can see it, mostly in the southern hemis. but it wont be long !!! AKA planet X, just say'en !!!!!

  16. A dwarf star, plus a black hole on the edge of the solar system, which our solar system and the binary solar system orbit around it.

    GodBlessAlways KeepSafe EyesWideOpen

  17. BTW it is in the firmament not the fake heliocentric theory of a solar system that they rammed down our throat with dogma and all of the hubris that goes along with it as if it were true.


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