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  1. Hi I have a question? For everyone if you don’t mind. How can anyone believe in god and nibiru ?? Honest question I’m from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and we did R.E in school but we were never took to church or went to church so I’m very new too all this now I know a hell of a lot about nibiru and have read loads about the Sumerian tablets and the Annunaki witch the tablets say are are creators and there home planet is nibiru .it orbits the sun every 3600 years and it causes absolute catastrophic events on earth and also the sun. Nibiru is the reason I found pastor Paul and I must admit I love his channel but I believe the bible is a modern edited version of the Sumerian tablets because the similarities are freaky

  2. Just interesting using the first word in the bible In the beginning that God is telling us the end from the beginning. You tube: The Berisheet passover prophecy full movie 2025 is this the date the restrainer of evil taken out 2 Thessalonians 2:6 and the end of the age of grace? If the rapture of the bride happened this year September 17th 2020 (really 2021 the first month of the Jewish Ecclesiastical calendar at 6am or 11:41AM Central Standard Time what about the church not ready those left behind. He hath said he will never leave you nor forsake you Hebrews 13:5 Is there three parts left to the first resurrection 1: The Bride catching the bus ready taken pre-trib Rev 7:13-14 (their robes washed in the blood of Christ), 2: the Church missing the bus not ready, the mid-trib their ready the earth reaped Revelation 14:16 (their robes washed in the blood of Christ), and 3: the folk left after the end of the age of grace ( thru getting beheaded given a white robe thru the shedding of their own blood. Revelation 6:11 that they will be resurrected at the second coming Revelation 20:4 that blessed an holy all that will be part to the first resurrection Revelation 20:5-6. Just saying what if the Berisheet Passover Prophecy correct and September 17th is really 2021 the first month of the Hebrew Ecclisiastical year?

  3. THUMBS DOWN ON BUTTING IN Pauls behalf and taking up HALF the show. You dont let Mike talk long as it is…SO SHUT-UP BEGGING BEGLEY and let the Pro Speak !!!…Thumbs Up on Mikes Behalf, Good Job Mike !!!…Mike I wish there was ANOTHER platform where we could here you on like with Steve Quayle or someone like him !!!

  4. I think he interrupts because at some unconscience level, he knows it's getting heavy and he feels a need to protect himself and his audience from too much too soon. Observing him, he seems very sensitive. It is a reflexive protection mechanism. Pastor you are very brave. I admire your tenacity.

  5. I've often wondered since we have entered the space age could we humans be damaging the protective layer of earth's atmosphere by constantly traveling thru it is there any scientific data on that

  6. Read Revelation 12. It will explain everything!! Jesus will be coming to take Christian's out of the earth 9/28. Satan is releasing 1/3 of his angels out of heaven to earth. There will probably be a UFO reveal coming within 10 days. Israel will be at war within 10 days. Count on it!


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