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  1. The only people that need to see pain is the criminals of the cabal ! We need to be able to be united and protest peacefully to show that the majority of Americans stand as Patriots and the minor parts of the cabal need to be held accountable for their respective part that the part they have played .

  2. Tired doesn’t even go anywhere close to the way we feel . We need to demand the rioting and the lies and deceit of the MSM be fully exposed and they need to have their funding cut off ! These evil people have to be arrested and face the consequences for the evil they have done to world !

  3. I'm tired of the "can I mention yet another sponsor for 2 minutes out of a 7 minute video" … It I answer "no" will you just continue with the video? Lol …

    I used to watch every video because I really enjoyed Pastor Paul and Heidi and the whole ministry. It's just too much Pastor Paul 😢☹️

  4. A little to late the democracts allowed this to happen. They said let them express themselves and didnt want help from trump so much destruction that the democracts allowed in there cities. Now all of a sudden their being arrested. To late to much killing destruction. Insane

  5. BLM doesn't mean black lives matter it means we all want to take down your country and take it for ourselves. And persecute you that are doing nothing. Trouble makers Commies. Saying All lives matter makes them want to kill you. They do. Well said Pastor


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