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  1. Father it going to take ATOMIC Bomb to get Eve to marry me Father she think Iam Ugly yes I know I'm you God she Call me all kinds of names she Want Even talk to me got the town to Run me Off it seem like the world would burn it down but No they don't belive in me Father or her I'm sick over it I trust in you Father to make it All good oh I See that good idea yes that will make them burn Down Alabama that will make them fight each other yes In the Name of Noah Amen

  2. Prophetess Rosalind Solomon said a earthquake was coming For Indonesia she was correct hours later after her YouTube video it happen she said a tsunami is coming for them also

  3. At the 7th TRUMP (Revelation 11:15)… AT THE LAST DAY (John 6:40,44) Christ the Lord returns. Have the 2 Witnesses PROPHESIED for 1260 days, and been dead for 3.5 days? Any moment 'return' is UNBIBLICAL (strong delusion). Those 'TAKEN' (Luke 17:34-37) in JUDGMENT are headed to the SUPPER OF GOD (Revelation 19:17-18).

  4. last week here in San Diego we had what people at first thought was a gas leak, it permeated my whole neighborhood and came into the house…..except it extended for MILES AROUND and affected all our coastal towns and even extended inland….SDG&E (local gas and electric) got thousands of phone calls about it, but said there was NO GAS LEAK……did we have a magma intrusion, from under the ocean, and a release of methane and volcanic gases ? if so, it was MASSIVE….and then 1 hour later, COMPLETELY GONE……get prepped people, something is happening….

  5. Algae on the ocean in beaches in France- Dangerous- If one breathes in the algae, one goes into cardiac arrest and dies. Beach houses on the ocean boarded up. – ●●●●●

  6. Folks a Italian American /Christain  said God Told him that God Warned him that a 10 Richter scale earth Quake will strike California this Summer by September 23rd. God says he's Angry  at The apostate Christian churches in America, Gay Marriages, Pre marital sex, Abortions of Babies, Satanism, Hollywood's corrupt TV & Movies and the Corrupt USA leaders controlled by Satan's Human Servants who have great wealth & Influence & Want the World to be as they want not what God wants. Pray to the  lord Jesus Christ to Save you, Repent of sinning, get Baptized &forgive those who hurt you because God wont forgive your sins if you do not forgive others who hurt you some Christians have been warned that Christians must forgive others to be forgiven.

  7. Jesus's Christian's that are His Sheep that help the least of these OTHERS inherit the Kingdom Of God. Jesus said many people honor Him with their words but their hearts are far from Him. Faith without works is dead.

    Jesus's Christian Sheep hear His voice and obey His words to help the least of these OTHERS in the particular ways that Jesus said His Christian Sheep help the least of these OTHERS.

    Jesus loves His Christian Sheep that help the least of these other people obeying Jesus their Master, and they are the Wheat not the Chaff.

  8. I fell into a ring of fire, oh…but the fire went wild…..I fell into a burning ring of fire…..went down down down but the flames went higher….and it burns burns ….burns …the ring of fire…the ring of fire………..the taste of love is sweet….when hearts like ours meet…..I fell for you like a child…..oh, but the fire went wild…..back to chorus😆👍

  9. Do you know one was originally a 6.6 and the other was 6.2. Both in the ocean but strong enough to cause damage on land. The USGS downgraded both quakes. DutchSince called both quakes correctly. Anyway, have Heidi look up a program called “Earthquake” and download it. It’s very accurate!

  10. 3 tsunami visions one in a old town saw two massive tsunami waves ….and next dream in a modern city with tall buildings saw one tsunami wall huge coming upon the city I hid in a tall bank and called on the LORD when I opened my eyes everything was dry.🏦🌊🌊🌊🙏💓 GOD is in control.

  11. Love watching your stuff Pastor Paul keep saying are you serious keep saying what I love it and I love your music can you help me out a lot thank you God bless you and your family!!!!🤗😊🙂🌼🌺💖😇


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