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  1. Lord Jesus please disintigrate the typhoon😒don't let destruction have its way Lord save the Japanese people pls Lord let not their sin have dominion over them..mercy Lord for Japan. .Father God you can destroy the works of the enemy…suck that typhoon Lord off into another dimension Lord…you can do anything YOU SAID LORD NO LIMITS I Ask this In Jesus precious name save the Japanese Lord

  2. Greetings Pastor, Beautiful Heidi, Brock—-be careful in California, praying that the power doesnt, go, pray for Japan and for California, for the President and this Country. GODSPEED!

  3. Hey Paul GOD Bless you and your Family. Hey what's gong on in Long Beach Chinese Port? Whats the deal with Movement of Marine Convoys and UN Convoys in the United States? What's the real Story on the Power outage in California.


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