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  1. Does anyone know how I can listen to the coast to coast am interview? No, I am not interested in paying to access their archives. I don't listen to the show enough to justify it.

  2. It won't matter WHERE we are, we will all be affected in many ways from these upcoming/ongoing earth events! Moving this way or that will just delay the inevitable. It's not safe high up or east in the USA! What people don't realise is rocks density changes with the shaking of earthquakes, as well as the ground (which liquifies) I live in the UK and we will be affected. Food prices, gas and electric supplies, transport etc.
    We are having crazy weather in the UK at the moment. High winds, rain, power cuts. This is world-wide.

  3. Remember Paul ,these incidents of earthquakes (Vancouver) may have been explosions of D.U.M.B. BASES . CABAL NEED TO BE REMOVED SURGICALLY.. EPSTIEN SANG LIKE A BIRD. NOW HES GONE : HANGED!. WHILE UNDER SUICIDE WATCH TOO.

    I HAVEN'T WATCHED YOU IN ABOUT 6 MONTHS.. Now I see you and your weight has Increased dramatically.. either you're super wealthy & eating rich now , or You've blown up from lack of cardio excercise.. either way ,get Fit ! You look terrible but well travelled.. find time to eat better AND workout . Lose that neck weight hanging on you. SEMPRE fi

  5. EMP Shield working with the Federal Government and they want one in EVERY HOUSE IN AMERICA??? Hmm what kind of listening device did they install in that? Also it probably sends signals to your electric meter etc.
    My gut instinct says RUN!

  6. God said: Not to worship satan
    Nowadays people are blind sighted
    Building temples and worshiping satan mankind's avowed enemy ●
    Think again and Repent…..before its too late ●

  7. I have had the same issue with my garden; the plants bloomed, but never produced fruit. All of my fruit trees bore fruit, but it is all smaller than normal. My lettuce only came up about 3 inches high and stopped growing and is so bitter you can't eat it. My onions came up about 3 inches high then withered and died.

  8. Smart meter cover to protect you , Emp protector to protect your house. Virtual Shield for your privacy. Getting Expensive ohh and don't forget to get umbrella insurance because things are getting hot.

  9. Much thanks, great broadcast. Every day I see White Island. In March 2016 I saw, like a moving picture, the whole East Coast of the North Island swamped by a massive tidal surge. Everything and everyone was gone. The fault line runs from the Kermadecs to White Island to Edgecumbe to Taupo. I have been preserving everything and have no direction from the Lord to plant any outdoor food crops this coming season…..just saying.

  10. I live in Selma CA. In the San Joaquin valley. This information is surprising but does not shock me. We have expected this to happen for many years. Jesus is with us my hope is in him.

  11. Pastor tim Henderson, few months ago said he saw Chinese troops and all he saw was fire everywhere. He gets visions and dreams. So I am not ruling out that idea at all. I believe American can be Babylon in Revelation 18 I think it is,

  12. Ok darn it! Now I am worried! I live in Visalia, CA which is 1.25 hrs DUE NE OF BAKERSFIELD… You said the San Joaquin is in danger from the Bay Area water coming in but do you think it will go that far down South/East? Should we head to the Hills after a big EQ or ? I Can’t leave my kids so survival Info is what I am after. I think we are right at 300 ft. Above Sea…is that enough? Thanks! (The questions are to your Guest Paul…not sure where to find him?) ok. God Bless Us All.

  13. NASA says in 2019 that the universe is expanding 9% faster than formerly indicated a few years back. Thus so the earth is also expanding faster than thought.

  14. Scottish seer from fourteenth century said when a certain stone in Scotland fell 3 times ,Scotland would be destroyed by black rain. It has fallen twice. Some have had dreams visions of glascow target for nuclear


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