I’m recently divorced with a young son, how do you adjust at being a single Christian after several years? Is CBN planning on starting a dating website because of “A Voice of Hope” series? Is it okay to have women that are just friends and nothing more while dating someone? .. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN http://www.cbn.com



  1. Apostle Paul’s understanding of the hidden value of the unmarried people, simply is not in any way reflected in the modern church. Married people in society and within the churches care more about their stupid Cats and Dogs then they will ever care about the Singles among them. And nothing is ever likely to change. Married people claim to know all about mere human ability to love, but it’s quite obviously they know nothing about Supernatural Love which Apostle Paul also speaks about, in clarity, in the context of other Supernatural Gifts.

    At the Celebration Feast with Jesus, once in Heaven, will be the first time many Singles will ever know True Love as Created by GOD. If by chance, Single Christians will never be remembered and cared about by the ‘distracted’ married people, on earth, it might be discovered that America is in a true and sustained, genuine Holy Spiritual Revival. But it would be such a Miracle. Sign, or Wonder if such would ever be a realty.

  2. Again this dateing on line, and Dateing services are an offence, thoes who do not know the voice of God, yes many insecure belivers do not , and they look out of or in through the windows of worldly romance… instead of looking sincerely unto the Spirit of Christ to lead and guide you !

  3. I tried some christian singles dating here on youtube and I was surprised.  This handsome guy visited me last night and stuffed my holes.  Now I cannot even get on my knees to pray to Jesus for the ABILITY TO EVEN WALK.  Ouch with the Christ Stuff.  No more of this for me!

  4. I met a christian guy last week and all he wanted was to butt fuck me.  I said OK, but wow, I regret it now.  I cannot stop dripping and had to visit my proctologist who took one look and had hysterics.  Praise Jesus no matter what.  I pray to Jesus but so far I've just had farts.

  5. yeah tube clips do make it fairly easy to score fat chicks but if you want to score hot gils you really need to know your game or they wont even look at you go look at the video on PUA66.COM

    It wasn't like there was an alien hiding under the table, moving crap around for fun.


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