Today Rev Chris joins us to take a JOLLY look at the best Christian TikToks!

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  1. Catholic, here!

    I studied Theology. The Bible is not meant to be taken seriously at all times. The Bible is a composition of literature, mostly taken after philosophy. For example, the creation story was more of a myth than the actual truth. The core of the myth is to demonstrate the immense power God holds that He can create something out of nothing!

  2. If you see a person wate a necklace showing a tree stand for tree of life and a PENTAGRAM  that is not showing a upsidedown star dont be discrimination to a person if you did you are discrimination yourself of ack of evil like those that reads the book called a devil book of 666 !

  3. a reason why the dinosaurs have gone out is due to the oxygen levels depleting after the great flood. Before the levels of oxygen were higher. So it must have caused the dinosaurs to shrinks slowly. Which is why we have smaller animals today. I do not know if this is true but is the best explanation i can give of why dinosaurs are not here any more. In fact the may be still in the congo. Again this could not be true.

  4. You mean the religion the british king made up so he could bang someone else! If a king can just make up his own church and religion It's on par with the Flying Spaghetti Monster !

  5. Really – kind of strange when you start to think about it.
    According to bible:
    Humans started out from two people, Adam and Eve.. right?!

    only those two humans – and they made kids and then the kids made kids, and kids had kids with kids…and so on.

    But that got out of hands so God created a flooding.
    killing everyone except the ones in the boat
    Then – ALL life started from a single 'sweet couple'.
    Also humans – from one family… and now we are 7 900 000 000 humans.Jahve certainly is into incest, inbreeding and kills….

  6. Watching this, I remember I showed some of the Christian TikToks/Christian Youtube shorts to my father and he responded those contents just like Rev Chris. He laughed about it and explaining the biblical story in such a good way. And I do agree that some of the Christians took the Christian joke too serious 😅😅 Anyway watching this somehow like a reminder that I should read bible more frequent LOL

  7. God asking abraham to sacrifice his son was, among other things, pointing to Jesus' sacrifice, God sacrificed His son for us. the Old Testament is often poiting to God's salvation plan and Jesus Crist's perfect sacrifice for our sins.

  8. Noah’s arc is the copy and pasted ending of the arguable best single story in all human history, which entire communities in the first cities would recall at once, word by word, for over a thousand years. The version of it that has survived the most intact (quite literally) is the Epic of Gilgamesh, but that’s the tip of a very big iceberg of broken stones and lost pottery and decayed paper, telling pieces of the same tale a thousand different ways for a thousand different peoples. From the city of Ur to the land of Canaan, everyone, at one point, knew that story. The scribes who penned the Bible would have done a disservice to humanity to ignore it entirely, even though several of its themes clash with the rest of the book.

  9. I've never truly believed in God existing, but the Catholic faith has always provided inspiration not only through scripture but through songs and the people it has touched (and probably many other things). The ideas they hold are much more powerful than the actual figures they represent.

  10. First of all….I can’t lmao…there’s bad jokes, then there’s dad jokes theeeeeen there is religious jokes…Oye that’s a dinner party I can’t rsvp too lol. Not to mention the hypocrisy & contradictions that comes within every sentence…lol


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