Im Angela “Myammee”Pitts and WELCOME to # MyammeeTV this is my newest song up now on my Soundcloud:

This is my 2nd Praise & Worship full song and not with the biggest budget but I got it done😍🙌🏽🙏🏽. #ChristianHipHop
I guess you can say the Miami version of a Female Christian / Gospel Rapper or whatever the title would be considered! LOL…..
Its all for my # PraiseHimMonday hashtag I do on my Instagram on Mondays and this would be my 30th Praise Him Monday. This was recorded within 20minutes and I had too much fun writing the lyrics/melody. I simply wanted to express to the WORLD how I feel about my GOD and HOW DOPE he is and that I’m Unashamed to call myself my CHRISTIAN 😎and yes a cool one I might add
oh yea and what im learning in doing this is just do your best with what you got and can do at that time and make it work ☺️ So how did you like me also editing this video footage? Did I do a good job?

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***ALL MUSIC/BEAT in this video is NOT COPYRIGHT infringement intended and I do not own any of this music/beat and do not claim any ownership of all this music/beat in this video of any kind and all music is already posted on Youtube for FREE**** However I claim ownership of ALL the vocals, flow/delivery/style and all written words for this song. Complete Song and Melody Written by: Angela #Myammee” Pitts



  1. Let me know. I’ll support. And if U wanna feature anyone I’ll audition. I haven’t dropped a bar in over 5 years but I’d drop a Hawt 16 for this subject matter!


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