Sorry “NATETALKSTOYOU” But your information “DEBUNKING” chamtrails has now been debunked by HARVARD UNIVERSITY Disclosing they are INDEED Spraying the skies EXACTLY as we speculated and then Proved.
RFB bullshit busted HARVARD RFB
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  1. To any sane person on here: this is 5 minutes of nothing. Nothing is being explained. There's not even a quote from the Harvard article that would prove his point, because they don't actually support this idiocy…

  2. Nate absolutely smoked you. The world loves a superior intellect. I theorize that you have failed at a lot of things in life. And I bet anyone could do some RESEARCH to prove that theory correct.

  3. ohhh so many special people in this comments section. Ho listen to more Alex Jones and leave the thinking to those who actually utilize critical thinking. Your confirmation bias is ridiculous!

  4. This comment section makes me fucking sick. All of you people have your heads so far up your own asses that you won't listen to reason OR logic. Every single strand of evidence pointing towards chemtrails being real have been debunked numerous times.

  5. You're one of the stupidest kinds of people. The ones that think they're absolutely right, and when someone calls you out on your bullshit, you double down and change the argument, then strut around like you actually proved something other than your absolute incompetence. Your stance is simply not supported by any reputable evidence or even claims.

  6. alright richie im not gonna shit on you. When you hear hoof beats think horses, not zebras. so in this case when you see trails from planes, think hot air from engines turning to ice, not chemicals being released to fuck with us.

  7. Typical conspiracy theorist. Suffers from a very strong case of confirmation bias. Doesn't adress any of the points of the video he is "debunking". No wonder degenerates love this guy.

  8. You didn't even bother to read the articles and spouted out more horseshit that was easily debunked, again, by Nate. If he was a Freemason, as you claimed, then they're doing a better job of reading basic sentences.

  9. Well, this is nothing more than a convention of tinfoil hats circle-jerking each other's crazy conspiracies. Have any of you ACTUALLY read the article by Harvard, including Richie? Because it includes a bunch of words classified under pre-tense: could, would, and if.

    The entire article talks about what would potentially happen IF they tried spraying chemicals into the atmosphere. The use of the word IF means that they HAVEN'T ALREADY sprayed anything into the atmosphere, and are actually contemplating on the possible pros and cons of their actions.

    And even if they do spray chemicals, it's not gonna be for controlling the government, the population, or anything else that needs to be or can be controlled, as most of you yo-yo's probably speculate. IF, and that's a pretty big fucking IF, they spray anything into the atmosphere, it'll be for the betterment of our existence. It'll (hopefully) lower global temperatures to a point where we won't have to suddenly cut all carbon emissions on the planet sometime in the near future.

    So, yeah, bullshit is STILL busted, and Richie is STILL nothing more than an conspiracy-believing, lying idiot. Sorry-not-sorry.

  10. If the sun is supposedly being blocked by the gases then why is temperature rising drastically? Are these gases strong enough to counter act human-made pollutions like aerosols and car exhaust and cigarette smoke? It doesn't sound like you have any idea as to what these "gases" do. I got that they "reflect the sun" and "protect us from CO2" which you had to clarify as "plant food". Yea I'm not understanding. Yes US have used planes to drop shit on Vietnam but that was loopholes through bio weapon bans. I'm not confident that you did any research from a credible source and everything you read is bias conformist propaganda that you think is the "truth" but it's mostly just bullshit that they want you to believe is the truth.

  11. So are you claiming that every trail you see in the sky is done by Harvard?
    That the bioengineering research is actually for mind control or population control or something other than an experiment to test the efficacy of reflecting sunlight?
    People like you are paranoid or ignorant conspiracy nuts.
    Just get out your spray bottle of vinegar and clear up the skies. Above your house at least. 🤣

  12. It's not a portal, wow im nice with it. I just proved with a simple video just now how the sun simulator is hiding a planet in front of our sun. it's called, planet x, sun simulator exposed. 06/06/2017

  13. Contrails dissipate rapidly. And jet fuel exhaust is neglible to the human eye compared to past generations' technology. Which is similar in some respects to the advancements within fuel and exhaust systems that took place in the automotive industry. I'm 53 years old, but this young feller has not lived through several transitions of technology. That's a double edge sword though. Because growing up in NYC or any big city like Boston before the introduction of catalytic converters; plus the use of leaded petroleum is not an enviable environment to be in. But it does provide a person the adavantage of actual boots on the ground and eyes in the sky accounts. That when experienced first hand are impossible to ignore. Ironically, the technology we see a few feet in front of us 'looks' good but delivers something even more nefarious than in the past. Maybe there's a reason he can't see that? ..Thanks, Stevie from Boston

  14. I put up a video today showing how my sky today is BLUE and cloudless after days of gray fog and trails over trails…I know that doesn't sound spectacular but I live right between two airports so I see planes going back and forth all day everyday.
    so to the debunkers why then is my sky clear today yet the airports are business as usual?


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