Marie Louise von Franz talkes about C.G. Jung´s visions at the end of his life.



  1. There are no "miracles", our overbreeding & our stupid, greedy, short sighted activities have doomed us & most life on this planet.
    If you had seen the data & evidence I have seen & been studying, you would fill your pants.
    We & our high tech, high energy civilization is doomed, we will soon collapse & about 7 billion humans or more will die.
    Enjoy this way of life while it's lasts, it can't last much longer & forget about "renewables" they too are just a temporary technology at the end of the oil age.

  2. The good part is everythging is uncertain including the future. Even if disaster is inevitable its simply means that there is a very high probablity. There is always a tiny chance of things going right.


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