CA Gov. Bans Home Bible Studies: ‘The Governor Is Not the High Priest Over All Religions’

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  1. In our houses of worship let us protest the crucifixion of the Savior, until we are allowed to once again rejoice in his resurrection. Sounds like that may have to be our temporary workaround.

  2. They been trying to bring God low forever. Hijacked the Rainbow symbolizing God's Covenant with Man, Kicked God out of schools, kicked out of of govt. and now with the Virus a perfect opportunity to even try to kick God out of your House.

  3. well one, it would be good if most so called " churches " would shut the door. two, you all got scared of a virus and went home and quite. so you all deserve what you get. You quit on God because of a virus, shame on you. Did you think God was going to let up? you missed your chance to stand and you didnt so now the Lord is going to see how much you really desire to follow Him. To calvary, or not at all!

  4. 1,000 people are dying every day and these clowns are worried about their right to gather. This has nothing to do with rights. This is purely political fodder for the clown president.

  5. That governor has lost his ever loving mind. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.
    They need to arrest this governor, somebody knock him off his high horse, sue the pants off

  6. Churches = banned, but we have massive crowds of rioters, looters and burners being praised and our politicians going out and kneeling and kissing their feet? And 3 huge separate funeral ceremonies for one person?

  7. We know God an we pray daily and still giving so nothing change for the word and it’s work. Their more people speak on Lord Lord but they want and do not worship and serve him only they want us to serve man 👨 first than the LORD no faith

  8. This is appauling disgusting… it shows how government controlled all this is..they can't stop us worshiping our GOD..they cannot take our soul..i believe in God and with God by my side no one can stand against me..Amen

  9. Lets pray for the scales to be removed from the eyes of these unjust governors, and that their understanding be enlightened. My fellow brethren in Christ, we serve a just God, who will judge accordingly.

  10. Blessed be the Lord who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle we have guns for a reason we don't want war but i promise if they keep this up someone else will raise their sons and daughters


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