Caesar Nero and The Four Horsemen is an end times bible prophecy documentary released in 2022.

The bible describes something called “the book with seven seals” in Revelation 6 further explained in Matthew 24. This bible documentary of 2021 explains the first five seals of the book of Revelation, and their signifance to Caesar Nero and the Roman Empire.

Many end times bible prophecies have already occured during the 1st century at the time of the apostles. We pray this 2022 documentary will help enlighten you on the timing of end times bible prophecy, the book of revelation, and how it relates to events surrounding Caesar Nero and the Roman Empire. Please share with your friends!

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Video courtesy of Pillar of Truth Christian Church, located in Simpsonville, SC.



  1. This video raised many questions for which I need answers. First, did Nero make a peace treaty with the Jews which he then rescinded? Where is the modern Church in this timeline? 3. Will Nero be reborn?

  2. First time I've ever heard it all put like this,,,, actually made sense even though I was questioning in my head all the way through, when you summed up in your conclusion it fitted into place.
    Think it may have been your sermon about flat earth that solidified my viewpoint on that subject too
    Very interesting stuff, going to watch the vid you suggested if this is the first time hearing these events in this particular order.👍.

  3. Blessings brother and sisters in Christ!! I have started looking into to this and I believe your timeline is very accurate. And for me personally I ask for you to pray for my children and husband who are not saved….thank you!


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