The Rulers of this World want you to believe the
Technology in our present day is all new and has never
been seen before,but in reality it has been before
and destroyed for a reason!
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  1. This is high tier schizo posting. I can make a symbolic analysis of anything as well, but you need a lot more than this if you don't want to sound like a madman, and this sort of information is too important to be dismissed on grounds of unreasonability. The satanists are afoot to be sure, but a "Angels & Demons", for example, was a book long before it became a film (and one of its sequels, "The Lost Symbol" was very interesting and rather occult and masonic… I wonder why they never made a film about it); the book involves CERN and antiparticles, which can allegedly be synthesised for a fraction of a second there. Ergo the film involves CERN too. In addition, implying an occult connection in the name of Minerva McGonagall, the Harry Potter character, is laughable. Athena (Minerva) is known as a goddess of wisdom, and that explains it.
    Instead of claiming every other science-fiction film is made by "them" in order to conceal occult symbology, you should actually try making a constructive argument. If you can prove that this or that director, or this or that screenwriter, or producer, or funding studio, has ties to certain… er… let's call them "masonic"… elements, that would certainly be a lot more compelling than pulling a random movie out of a hat and finding occult symbology in it. Surely not every random wanker that puts out a bad science fiction film is erudite enough to know what he's insinuating.
    And just so my feedback is constructive as well, let's take CERN. The interesting bits here are the Shiva statue and that former director's comments. Digging further into that would be grounds for a significantly more fruitful investigation.
    I'll give you that much, you might be on to something with "Mindgamers" in particular; at the very least, those responsible for it could well be fans of transhumanism.

  2. Side note even Snowden mentioned of how your cell phone because it has two batteries in it one for transmitting any other so you don't lose your room memory but the ROM memory is transmitted automatically every time you walk near modem even though you can't access it all of your RAM memory just got uploaded into the network also to when you're firing up your laptop before it will even let you log in it's checking for your internet connection cuz it's making sure it sends out your IP before you can do any other Communications

  3. I was wondering, is the book of Enoch part of the original Bible and is it accurate? I know its been in the Ethiopic Bible. As a Christian I've read part of it and it told of the angels that came down and took wives & all the stuff they taught men. I thought it's where the nephilum came from. I know Enoch was taken and Jesus even spoke about Enoch by name. Now I figured if Christ is the truth I figured He wouldn't even say Enoch's name if he wasn't a profit. I just wanted to make sure it's ok to read and if they're accurate and true to God's word. Thanks and God Bless You!

  4. Hi Nickolas 1968. I've been developing my spiritual gift of numerology. Here goes….
    1+9+6+8=24=2+4=6 OR
    1+9+6+8=24=3×8=888 OR
    1+9+6+8=24=6×4=Genesis 6:4
    It's not an accident that Yahweh chose to reveal these mysteries to you. Thanks to your videos, I understand so much more all that's been happening since Year 20/20. Thank you brother & God bless you for serving the Father in Heaven & sharing your SUPER VISION 😍😍😍


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