(How to build your own fresnel lens frame) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+build+a+fresnel+lens+frame

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  1. you should have used an infrared gun thermometer with the moon reflecting onto a sheet of wood or something else solid. , instead of a glass jar of water and a digital meat thermometer.

  2. Wonder what a solar cell would register as representing "electron flow" from the sweet spot & moonlight? My IP cam which is 23 meters in front of thehouse 18 feet up on side of a tree actually registers charge going to the battery off street lamps after dark. Surely the moon's light would have a pretty naked, pure form of electrons to push a solar cell's output up….. js smh

  3. Thank you for the insight brother. If i may interject a potential "scientific" explanation which my position stands on that it is merely theoretical and not fact or truth, but my guess is that the scientific community would say that the wavelengths of the visible light spectrum, UV and other wavelengths of energy, disperse from its source and reflect off of objects (such as the moon) differently, each according to its position on the spectrum (ie. Uv or heat reflects and disperses differently than say light). Therefore the heat bounces off into space while the light reflects accordingly into the moon jar. I hope this might shed some light on the logical argument against these results of such a test (even if applied on a larger scale production). Keep fighting the good fight. I have certainly been brought closer to the Lord and have greater discernment in this age of deceit" (shout out to FLS). God bless brother and thank god! Glory to Christ, his return is near!

  4. Focus the lens on a sheet of black paper and take the temp reading off the surface of the paper with an infrared temp gun. You can get an instant comparison reading by simply taking a reading from another sheet of paper next to it just out of the lens.

  5. I just watched this, again. Excellent video. You have been such a blessing to me/us. Thinking I am going to check my old tv's as I probably have a Fresnel lens. And, hey, I can think of much crazier things to do than actual real science in the yard at 1:30 am. Much love & blessings.♡

  6. Why not run this test in the sunlight? You could get a piece of "moon colored" paper, us the paper to reflect the sun to the Fresnel lens. Do you get a temperature increase?

  7. Don't try to comprehend the moon.
    That is impossible.
    Only try to realise the truth.
    There is no moon.
    Maybe then you will find it's not the moon you see but the light that shines in a concaved reflection off the dome, eminating from the center nodule of ice, that appears as the sphear they need you to see.

  8. Thanks.

    The obviousness and the madness it brings has rendered me off of the YouTubeboob altogether. But there’s only one channel worthy of my mental capacity and that is yours!

    Keep spreading the Gospel, and it seems indirectly is but the only way nowadays.

    See the lies and the Truth stands out starkly!

  9. Moonlight is cold, not hot. Experiments have been done with measuring the temperature in the shade on a moonlit night, and comparing it to the temperature of the moonlight outside a shaded area. The moonlight is cooler than the temperature in the shade. I have seen several of these experiments. The moon is a "luminary", it gives off it's own light. It is not reflected sunlight. We have been taught the world is a globe and the moon reflects the sunlight, not having any light of it's own. This is not what the Bible teaches at all. It is "scientism" pretending to be science. Why not do this experiment for yourself and post the results? Interesting stuff.

  10. Book of Enoch chapter 72-73 and 77-78 is critical for understanding how the moons operate. Yes, I said moonS. Plural!

    "The names of the sun are these: one Aryares, the other Tomas.
    The moon has four names. The first is Asonya; the second, Ebla; the third, Benase; and the fourth, Erae." (Enoch 77:1-2)

  11. Hmm
    Maybe adding a perimeter "horse blinders"
    So that the lense is inset; blocking the immediate surrounding ambience.. does that mKe sense.
    Like on a camera or binoculars telescope the lenses have an extension housing exterior shell

  12. Well they have announced that they are miraculously going back to the moon again! Good luck with that lol. Watching the big bang theory you see the brainwashing/indoctrination of the next generations sigh….

  13. Did you read lately. Scientists found mold on the ISS that will not be terminated by high elevations of radiation. Now the narrative is – we as humans must be very careful not to contaminate the universe with earth mold. Must restrict and control our actions to reduce universal climate collapse.
    Did they just forget that we humans already landed on several planets and reached the end of our solar system with mold infected space vehicles.
    Sunlight is an electric field.
    Moonlight is a magnetic field.

  14. I believe Moon light is different then sunlight, because it is a few degrees cooler in moonlight than it is in the shade at night. Therefore it shines a cold light. Seriously I didn't know this up until a few years ago, but things in the Moonlight or colder then things in the shade at night. It's something besides sunlight reflected. I just noticed a lot of the comments say the same thing I just said. LOL I'm glad more people know this than I thought.


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