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  1. I wonder if the Beatles song "Happiness, is a warm g*n" (😠)would be deemed a violent song in today's world? Imagine what that did to young minds? Imagine the Wings song, "Live or Let die" being played at Ceasars Invictus Stadiums? So many songs dedicated to our demise.

  2. He says that a document between parties is in two languages and one party cannot understand that is a form of fraud and it's a counterfeit document. If you look to the left of his computer screen, there's the answer… There is a dollar bill. It's a document. A Federal Reserve Note and it's got mumbo jumbo on it.
    A second language. Meaning it's fraudulent and a counterfeit.

  3. Thank you, SMHP, for posting this and would recommend YT channel: theBigsib, for additional understanding of this topic. Many of the comments below reveal how well the indoctrination systems have succeeded in perpetuating the deception by programming drones, instead of inspiring critical thinkers. None of us are uneffected by this and it is a struggle to get a grip on it, but it is worth the effort. Thank you.

  4. Is this why birth certificates are in ALL CAPS? I've heard from some that it's actually a document, SIGNING your children over to the government, unbeknownst to the parents. It ushers is into the governments system.

  5. Go to his you tube channel The Justinian Deception…you will get your head around the legal language if you start with his first videos…he explains it all in lay men's terms but it takes some brain twisting to really get your head around it. Pray your mind be open to this new legal system deception. Remember in the Bible it talks heavily of legal rights and legal authority…this is a spiritual legal system. When Jesus cast out Legion , Legion recognized Him and His authority in that land. Satan offered Jesus legal rights to all the lands because it was in his authority legally to do so. Legal Domains…that's what happened after the fall in the garden.

  6. Ron bernard who was a very high dutch banker who nwo tried to blackmail in witnessing child sacrifice stated everyone should read the protocols of zion.
    John todd illuminati whistleblower stated that Rothschild rules the world by druid witches.
    Ashkenazi fake jew zion Rothschild (synagogue of satan/bible) is ceo of federal reserve Vatican royalty.
    Rothschild owns freemasons who own the courts and police.

  7. I dont know about everyone else but im tired of the censoring on youtube , everytime you type a video by the exact name you cant find it and all you get is the mainstream point of view or a bunch of disinformation . I have found the only way to find a video from youtube is to tap the exact title of video in to duck,duck go search bar. so ive had a idea if loads of people create playlists of the good videos then hopeful it might be a alternative way to get the information out. I have spent years finding videos and creating playlists so i could find the best videos when i want to make someone to be aware of something on a many many different alternative subjects . Subjects such as mind control,subliminals,predictive programing, alien adgenda , mandela effect and many more. I dont believe everything in each video i chose but if i chose them for a playlist ,i did because it contained a major truth or i found it all to be true. So please people have a look and if you see any videos you like then use them to make a playlist or do what ive been doing download them because time is running out and soon you might not be able to find them at all .I have spent years seaching these videos out and combined them all into over 70 playlists with some of them containing over a hundred videos. So please help do this even if you copy my playlists exactly .My Youtube Channel is Richard Wetton. The Only thing thats important is we get the truth out. God Bless everyone

  8. We should ALWAYS remember to consult the biblical scriptures. Yes, we are living under the governance of the `Babylonian System`, and humankind has been since before the times of Yeshua/Jesus, (that is to say, in His human form)who also had to live under it when He walked upon this earth as a fully flesh and blood human. So, did Yeshua/Jesus, have anything to say about this Satanic system? Yes He did, all of the time, and this is what He had to say when asked by the ordinary people as to whether or not they should give of their hard earned money in taxes to the rulers within the governing Babylonian System. Let`s read from the book of Matthew: 22. verses 19-21. “Show Me the tax money, and so they brought to Him a penny, and He said to them, Who does this image and the WRITING thereon, belong to? And they answer Him, to Caesar, then He says to them, Give therefore to Caesar, the things which belong to Caesar, and to God, the things which belong to God“. Do NOT try and physically fight against the Babylonian System or the coming beast power, a person will not survive for long fighting this way, resist it and fight against it spiritually, by knowing and applying the examples of the biblical scriptures wherever appropriate in given situations, and always striving to obey the Ten Commandments. Yes, it is as simple as that, but it is NOT an easy thing to do, (we will always fail to keep the commandments, which is why we NEED our Saviour) it is NOT as easy as fighting physically, but the Lord expects it of us who profess to know Him, and love Him.


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