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  1. why do you talk with your hands like those in the Illuminati?is it because you are one of them also ? posing at a sheep but your a wolf in sheep clothings. you use that phone to distract but I see the hands signs. repent mister and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. you cannot take money with u when you die.

  2. "Members of the LGBT community are so highly super sensitive" says the guy claiming Christian persecution will result from giving the transgendered protection from discrimination under the law.

    …says the guy complaining about changing two words in the Canadian national anthem to something more inclusive.

    Hypocrite. Look it up sometime.

    Also look up gender neutral. It has nothing to do with being "born with two genders".

  3. I like how all of these Christians are saying anybody who doesn't follow everything they say are going to hell. It's weird, its basically saying "if you don't believe everything we say, you will suffer" It's just a threat, how are you going to spread God's words of "peace" when all you do is threaten people.

  4. omg do not say mankind say humankind no wait hukind? or women kind? this sexism thing has gone too far and this is a bad representation of our government, it's sad to think they actually talked about this

  5. Brother I am Canadian too. An SDA. For quite some time pastors have been preaching benign, weak sermons. No warnings about end times. I will be going to a concentration camp one day. God have mercy

  6. Revelation 1:1, 14-15 the black Messiah is leaning down soon with a sharp sword to set all things in order. Isaiah 66:15-17, Revelation 19:15 And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword to kill His enemies those Anti-Christ, the Jew-ish ISH, the blasphemies, the high elites politicians wicked government systems worldwide……..

  7. smh ….the world is coming to an end. We still have hate cults like the KKK but they're concern is giving more rights to the Transgenders etc… the end is now. If you people do not speak up and defend your rights your kids are done. Most of you don't have control of you kids imagine when their thought they have rights that deny the one true living God.

  8. I purposely spoiled my ballot for the last Federal election because I didn't think any of the parties deserved to be in power. I actually put a big X through the page and wrote – Obama for Prime Minister as a joke.
    I told people Trudeau was a wicked and godless man who would lead the Country in rebellion against God. It was clear when he announced no one could run for the Liberal party if they opposed abortion. But people no longer care that their leaders be a representative of the Kingdom of God. People want leaders who will push the hedonist agenda, which boils down to what you said – that if it feels good, do it, and don't allow anyone to object to it or point out the fact that it is a sin and a abomination in the eyes of God.

  9. The LGBT COMMUNITY has only one destination hell, therefore repent it's now or not ever christs mercy is almost up! your time is shorter than you can fathom in a few years america will be no more ! !!

  10. this is part of that one world mess!!! there is no order in this it's just madness and they are trying to impied and take away our freedom of speech…of we let them they will get away with it.
    it's not just enough to wake up but we better wise up and rise up as well. we do have POWER!

  11. As a Canuck, this insults me. You're either male or female. There is nothing else. And until the "trans-gay" bill is passed, I stick by my word. God Bless you, C7.

  12. it's not even about transgender people it's about perverted people "identifying" as a transgender!!
    it's crazy….they are hoodwinking every one with their language…pay attention to the language people!!!!! why aren't the REAL transgendered people speaking up????

  13. Lust is Lust# Brokeback and Mike have caused immeasurable damage to the moral fiber of the US of Gay. 3% of the population is given the power over the other 97%? Don't think so! A few perverts who unfortunately rose to power in politics do not over ride the Creator


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