1. So true not from space but a different dimension..
    Trying to bring evil to power and open the bottomless pit ..

  2. Birds can't hear the command of an angel from space either. 👇
    The sun has to be literally above us for an angel to stand on it & call to the birds.

    Revelation 19:17 King James Version (KJV)
    17 And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God;

  3. Excellent point you made talking about what part of the Bible suffers what part of the Gospel message suffers when you realize we're living on a plain? Flipside what part of their Global deception suffers when people wake up and realize that the Bible is true and they have been lied to about the globe!

  4. People are worried about aliens coming to earth and destroying it well the aliens are already here and they’ve been destroying the earth and humanity for quite a while. it gets progressively worse every day.. history repeats itself with every cycle just with different people places and weapons through time. when the balance in beliefs goes to far in a cycle shit happens . it’s as if this one was timed to fall apart towards the end of the cycle, like a surprise attack , like a harvest , like the demons are really ganging up here towards the end of the cycle for maximum effect. The entities are really trying to get things in order to control things as much as possible so that when the time comes they have as much control as possible over the population. we were even warned about this stuff , The demon invasion taking over peoples minds over 2000 years ago , Yet it is as if no one cares or doesn’t believe it is possible. It’s progressively been happening, like a program.

  5. I understand some aspects of biblical scripture can difficult to interpret, but some things people debate over make no sense. If Genesis 6 CLEARLY says the sons of God(angels) mingled with women and bore giants, and from those giants, Enoch 15 says "they shall be called evil spirits upon the earth, and on the earth shall be their dwelling, furthermore the gospels such as Matthew confirm the existence of these demons/evil spirits, than what is the debate?? Any believer who does take the bible as literal knows there will great deceptions, and they will return declaring to be from distant galaxies. In other words, extra-dimensional not extra-terrestrial entities.

  6. I was a devout atheist. I would grow angry and argue against even gods existence. Then I started using my own mind and even then I laughed at flat earth. The moment that everything comes into focus is indescribable and the religious experience is personal to me. I will stand with Him when He returns.

  7. How people today believe there are aliens, who live here on earth yet another dimension.
    These aliens live and act just like demons yet they think Christians are crazy for believing in God and angels, demons too.
    I cannot fathom how they accept one and ignore the other, they just don't want God.

  8. Thank you God for Will!!! BLESS HIM Heavenly Father!! Keep seeking God and allowing His Holy Spirit to speak through you Will. Thank you so much for all the hours of work to get Truth out!!! God BLESS You!!!! It's not always easy being awake, but it is worth it. God please continue to give Will wisdom, knowledge and understanding and Truth!! Keep him safe God!!! Love your videos… they are encouraging!!! Need this today again! ❤

  9. Hey buddy, Basil here!
    Great vid! Wanted to drop you comment, who knows if it will make it into your eyeballs, you've got a lot of comments to sift through here.

    But I gotta say, somebody sent us this video, requesting that we make a rebuttal. Well first of all, we don't really do rebuttals. Mostly because people have a right to slam us if they want, and its just too much time and energy that could be used more productively.

    When I first saw the title of the video I thought, "oh, just another hater." And when I heard that much of the video was a re-post of our podcast I thought "Oh, some more cherry picked clips to make us sound crazy." But for some odd reason I had some time on my hands and wanted to hear you out.

    And without belaboring the point, I'll just come out and say that I agree with you on so much, I surprised myself. I found you to be gracious in your criticism and, while perhaps a little sensational in your video title, justified in many of your worries about Gonz and I regarding FE.

    But if I may, You make some assumptions about us I'd like to address.
    We actually get more criticism for not pushing FE than we do for almost anything else. In fact, if we wanted to increase downloads or views or whatever metric we wanted, we would talk more about FE and be very very serious about it. In fact, Canary Cry Radio was one of the first major fringe christian outlets to even mention flat earth. In April of 2015 we did an interview with mark sergeant (controversial in FE, we know now, but not at the time.) We've even had Robbie Davidson, not to mention Rob Skiba.

    We are well aware of the FE evidence, I even did a ton of scientific experiments that FE people suggest, with mixed results. (I'm no scientist and I had far from clinical conditions, but I digress.) In fact, the video clips you show of the astronaut fakes and the nasa studio footage is right on point.

    speaking of point, here's mine.

    There's a lot I could nit pick about some assumptions you've made about Gonz and I . But I'll choose the most relevant. Also, I do not claim to speak for Gonz, I'll let him speak on his own behalf if he chooses. But, as partners, here are some things i can say:

    1) We do make jokes about flat earth. We also make jokes about Globe Heads. We also make jokes about nephilim, the illuminati, blood sacrifices, agenda 21-2030, we make jokes about the singularity and we make jokes about the eternal struggle between burger flipping robots and pizza making robots.
    We laugh about everything. Sometimes we laugh just to keep from crying. But mostly we laugh about things because we are joyful and secure in the Love of Jesus Christ, His life, His death, and His Resurrection for our salvation.
    This Christian/truther/conspiracy/prophecy/etc space is serious, and there are far better and more serious researchers, authors, podcasters, and teachers than ourselves. We are just two guys who felt a call on our lives and answered it. And we continue to answer it, over and over, with Christ as our guide. Some like our stuff, many hate it….

    2)…and if we wanted to, we could change everything that people hate about us, and probably get a lot more listeners. As I mentioned before, we get A LOT of requests to talk about flat earth more. But, as a podcast, were not totally convinced. It's not that we're scared of people thinking were crazy(as clips of our podcast in this video shows, we need no more proof that we're just that), we don't think flat earth threatens the Gospel, and we also don't bite our tongue or straddle a fence. We simply arn't 100% convinced. Which gets a lot of flat earthers furious at us.
    As the comment thread shows, if a christian doesn't believe in flat earth, many consider them to, more or less, be worthless. They may not use that word. But not being a flat earther has somehow given flat earthers the right to write 'us' off. Which actually is fine with me, I'm not here to please any man.
    There are a lot of great FE researchers and teachers, like yourself. Honestly, I dont think Gonz and I have anything of value to add to the conversation. And if flat earthers are mad that we don't give FE our "endorsement," I really don't have much to say. People have a right to be mad about whatever they want.

    But I will say this, Flat Earth Theory doesn't need our endorsement. If indeed the earth is flat, the truth will win in the end, and all the flat earthers can say "I told you so!" in heaven. Which, come to think of it, would be pretty funny and I hope that's how it pans out.

    3) Lastly, I thought your point about "What does the christian need space for?" is a great one. And I think that a strong answer could be "nothing." Space has little to do with the Gospel or salvation. Space is simply a part of the conditioning we were raised with, had to come to terms with, and sometimes be inspired by. Your point about astronomy being speculation, abstract math, and imagination was hilarious and true!

    Overall, I loved your video. For me personally, it was a great look into the candid and rational mind of a flat earther.
    And I do want to apologize if I offend anyone when I refer to the earth as a pizza shape, it's in my nature to razz people and perspectives. I truly don't mean any personal offense, In fact I wish I had the sureness of flat earth that you and other flat earthers do.
    I do wish that the comments section was a little less of a Basil and Gonz bash fest. But that's the internet for ya I guess.

    Anyhoo, I would like to take the opportunity to extend an invitation to come on Canary Cry Radio as well as The Joyspiracy Theory (My tiny pet project about Life, Faith and Joy) for some interviews. I think your subscribers and our listeners would get a kick out of it, and I feel like we could strike a great blow to the enemy!
    Just reach out to Gonz or I, We'll be keeping an eye out.

    Thanks for your time, and sorry for the novel, brother!
    Your buddy
    In Christ,

  10. The truth is stranger than fiction you are one of the most articulate, concise, and calm Flat earther I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. This movement is blessed to have such a eloquent conversationalist.

  11. Honestly, I think Gonz is awesome by himself. However, I have a very difficult time listening to his friend ("Basil" or whatever his name is.) The guy is just non-stop sarcasm so it's impossible to know what he actually believes. I don't mind occasional sarcasm, but people who try too hard to be comedians are annoying… and he's not even funny.

  12. I always wondered how earth would roll up like a scroll if it was round. So many things in the Bible have to be read as metaphor or with the assumption that these men who wrote the Old Testament (some of them having had direct communication with God) were mistaken in their understanding of the shape of the earth. Wouldn't it make sense that at least One of them would have asked Him? Yet we are told they were directed by God to write about the corners of the earth, the pillars, the firmament, the earth being rolled up like a scroll…… I don't honestly know exactly what the earth looks like. What I do know is I should be allowed to question things without being told I'm an idiot for just asking questions. I was raised in a cult, I don't take well to people telling me what I have to believe. If someone tells me that some idea is beyond question and attacks any one who does question it, I start to wonder why the intense hatred and it only makes me want to know more about the idea they are attacking.

  13. I really think you’re talking about two different things Will. The earth being a flat plane and enclosed cosmology. I absolutely believe in an enclosed cosmology with “space” being a possible spiritual realm or other dimension. Also agree about NASA and the fake space program. But Earth being flat is just not my experience. If we were on a flat plane we would be able to see the Sun all the time and there would be no night. I mean, do you think the Sun and Moon are flat too? Seriously.

  14. Psalm 19:1the Heaven's (1,2,3,) declare GOD's glory. Don't imply, No space!, give your head a shake!. all flat earthers are flat headers to. they are preposterous.So is no Space. But not in this vain. The truth is that they are interdenominational demonic forces, not aliens. They are fallen angels not ascended masters. Space is real. but the harness are real to. the evil power that be, are hiding so much from the general public. They have bin to these x-o planets. See element 93. look in to it and how its made!.
    Carry on.
    1.4 #QAnon #AliceInWonderland Is #Area51 In The #SecretSpaceProgram w/ Michael Trimm Show
    Michael Trimm
    Jan 4, 2018 · 6 months ago the PDF.
    Directed Energy Weapons 101: Sonic, Microwave, Laser, and Non Lethal Warfare
    Jim Lee
    Jul 5, 2018 · 22 hours ago
    Thank you brothers in Christ.
    Bless them GOD in Christ Jesus name.

  15. When I liked this it had 666 likes. I was 667. Your welcome. JK I enjoyed the video. I need to start listening to Canary cry radio. I get what you mean about listening to podcasts while doing other stuff. I edit a lot of photos for my business and I like videos that are long and have a lot of talking and very little words across the screen that I have to read. I listened to this video while laying out in my pool. It was really good.

  16. Submersing ones self more and more with technology will have spiritual ramifications in that, it takes away humanity further away from the Truth and dulls their minds from the inside out…The demonic realm attracts mankind with anything and everything they can make an idol to us and in doing so, this idol whatever IT maybe, will eventually sap our spirits dry and leave us wanting/thirsty. In turn, this makes people fill that hunger with more fleshly things instead of finding the One thing that is lasting and that is what causes the spiritual ramifications most don't think about.

    So you see, these new advanced technological creations of mankind are going to be the ultimate idol that the masses will salivate, are salivating for. That isn't good because it kills their spirit and gives the demonic spirits their worship they seek through it… It's about where your mind is at to God, so what better way to take our minds away from Him by making things so lustful to our flesh that it would almost be impossible to keep our focus on the bigger questions in life and blind people from God or the fallen state they are about to perish in….

    So spiritual ramifications is right, it's just some people can't see it yet and I'm still leaning on the side that demons CAN take hold of anything and everything in and of this realm, God did cast them here after all…

  17. I'm reminded of the film The Astronaut's Wife when it comes to supposed 'higher dimensional beings'. Possessed astronauts selling advanced high tech to the world and fathering hybrid children. Basically a rehash of Genesis 6 and the book of Enoch.

  18. nationalist pride isn't real? i disagree there, when the controllers of us have enough of the non white slave class they will have no use for use for people who like to question things.. we need to stick together to survive whats coming.. at least that is what i believe , the stats prove it.. white are dying faster than they are being born… we are like 10 15% of world pop we have real people coming here and making our numbers smaller and smaller we are being outbred.. there are far to many assaults taking place on our people. and other peoples.. our different groups have to work together if we ever want to be in control. i used to laugh at flat earthers i dont anymore im no flat earther but i am of the mind that likes to hear everyone out. needless to say im pretty confused. but so many people i meet and know are even more confused than me falling for this Poz veiw the media pushes on our men.. the scary thing is how effective it is..

  19. How many people have we lost in space , died ? How many right dead , suck out . Space suit riped open an the guy inploaded an was sucked or slurped to space So gay . Why no deaths on a space walk , never run out of air .


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