Canary Cry Quarantine – 03.23.2020 – CCNT 181

We’re posting this one day late because of some data storage issues we had, but here it is! Episode 181! We went live again for this one, and we went for about an hour, discussing the latest news about the coronavirus. Because of the “not quarantine” quarantine situation, we will be publishing another episode very shortly. As for this one, because we are posting it a bit late, we will not be posting links from the show. However, do subscribe to us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch to get notifications when we go live!



  1. i believe youre watching the roll out of a.i. control…think about wide wide coordinated reaction across diverse cultures…they cant pass a stimulus bill without, how did they pull this off.with so many conflicting egos? digital currency, digital prison,
    the 6 foot thing sounds more like targeting or tracking of phones? all the social conditioning…
    next the drones roll out to police you…just saying, the beast is here boys
    in my opinion .

  2. Hey wasssup guys I’m 21 years old and been into conspiracy and bible prophecy since I was 11 and I gotta say I’m really bummed out about this whole corona virus situation it just seems like this might be the end of the world and I believe In Jesus and I do know that this a good thing that’s he coming back soon but for a 21 year old I feel like I didn’t have a chance to live my life and experience everything this life has to offer growing up I wanted a wife and kids and even to chase and fulfill my dreams but now it just seems like I won’t have a chance to do that so Imean this whole situation is bitter sweet to me


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