Basil and Gonz are back, chatting with the people, talking about things. We talk flat earth and the weird propaganda video from ISIS.



  1. Sure the Graph of the balloon going so high as 120,000 ft does not show the earth is flat. As Gonz says you cant see a curve that high. Yet, NASA uses cameras up just as high and always have a distorted curve of the earth and try to pass that of as a spherical earth. They also claim the earth is an oblate spheriod or pear shaped and always pass of spherical earth pictures which are all based on the mercator map model. However, the Gall Peters Map is an accurate portrayal of what the land masses of the earth are really like. NASA lies the earth is not a globe!

  2. I can tell from your show that you didn't respect your guest on the flat (or plane) earth show because it is painfully obvious you didn't go to his website and read it…research or spoon fed info? Not being a jerk really…I was on the site before the show was over.

  3. When people say the flat earth doesn't matter what I say is how good does being deceived by the prince of the air serve you? When everything you believe in ends up being a lie that serves Satan I'd say the flat earth might be the key to unshackling yourself from the system.

  4. So I got to report on what happened. At 1:16:45, I "The Hi-Jacker" former radio host at Revolution Radio called into this show. I was in for probably 5 minutes talking flat earth, etc. And as agreed to left after 3 minutes (well maybe 5 minutes or so). So here is the kicker—at about an hour after dark tonight (20 hours after the call in), I had two very, very quiet, very sophisticated military helicopters fly over my house at about 100mph, at about 80 to 120 feet. I killed the light on the front porch as I stepped out just as they came flying over.

    So there is my story for recorded history. Coincidence?? LOL. Has only happened twice before on my own radio program in 5 years. So there you go! Jade Helm and AI are up and running.

    Take care and God bless.

  5. if the earth was flat how can you explain day and night? When its night time here in the US its daytime over seas! if the earth was flat don't you think we would have daylight at all times!???? the flat earth theory is really far-fetched to me! there isn't enough evidence! why would God the creator create the earth flat but every other planet/meteorite/star seem to be round? Ive tried to wrap my head around the flat earth but all other contributing factors make it impossible!!!

    Im a frequent watcher and subscriber and i just want to say i really like the show! thanks for all of the time and effort yall put into these informative videos!

  6. 26:40 I was atheist and was very much a science parrot for evolution, big bang, etc. When I started testing the globe and couldn't find any real proof with my eyes and logic…I started contemplating what else I may be wrong about. The next topic was: Evolution. I would have never questioned evolution if it wasn't from Flat Earth. My faith was sparked and I started to read the bible and even if it turned out to be a Globe, I know that we are created and that GOD exist.

    So, I see the flat earth as a gateway into the gospel and if it is true, the ancient hebrew cosmology was right and modern scientist who indoctrinate kids into evolution, dinosaur, etc. are wrong!

    If it is true, there couldn't be ANYTHING that makes people realize that we are a special creation more than this concept.

    I just don't get people who say "it doesn't matter" and "it's a distraction". To me, it's what I would say if I was a christian who was backed into a corner and couldn't defend the globe.

    People don't realize how powerful cosmology is. The only way they can sell us evolution, big bang, panspermia, materialism, ufos, atheism, etc. is via heliocentrism and an ever expanding universe.

    At this point, the only proof I would accept for me to believe that it's a Globe is for me to be able to go on a weekend trip in a resort on the moon and just watch the earth from there.


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