Basil and Gonz decide to jump on live stream again…in the middle of the night! Joined by Dr. Future!



  1. Dr Future, your conversation and other parts of this video reminded me of something I noticed all around me as I grew up Catholic in a Suburb 45 miles West of Chicago during the late 70's and early 80's… during those early formative years, going to Church on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation with my family, becoming an alter boy all through grade school, going to CCD all through high School, becoming a Eucharistic Minister for a few years and finally going to Bible Study a few years after that… it shocked me how so many people within our church came off as they were part of an elite social club and regarded those that didn't go to church as being beneath those that did. I still struggle to understand how and why so many (too many) especially within a Church, could miss so many of the transforming messages, week after week and year after year(?) Anyway, really enjoy the videos you guys put out! Keep up the great work… God knows each and everyone of us needs all the help we can get!

  2. Complete misrepresentation of reformed beliefs which are the historical orthodox beliefs of the martyrs of the faith who fought against Rome and Kings who tried to suppress the Gospel, this mans ignorance and straw man attack on Orthodox Christianity should send up RED FLAGS. I wont be buying the book or listening to the podcast anymore as it is blatantly anti christian as per the orthodox creeds and confessions of Protestantism. Beware of this man.

  3. That's true about a lot of Christians not being able to see how we're perceived. The question on a website landing page for a church is "Does God love gay people?" That question itself would be offensive to most secular folk and if Christians don't know that God loves people they may as well go beat people with their dogma stick.


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