Basil and Gonz test some technology with live stream stuff.



  1. Experimentation is the midwife of "newborn invention"? Live stream=not new, invention=not new…BUT
    THIS IS ALL VERY GOOD! For what it's worth, I've been enjoying all the various expressions of Monsieur Basil and Monsieur Gonz for sometime now, i.e. Age of Deceit, Canary Cry, Face (not un)Like the Sun, FB expressions…anyway, I got the FB advice of LiveStream: "come join"…couldn't at that time, but watching YouTube presentation after the fact. You guys are the fun side of serious topics and that makes it a little easier to "stay with". Enough rambling… Just want to encourage your continuing efforts to bring these items to the attention of people perhaps unaware until they catch your presentations. The interviews are very good, the monologue presentations are good… Here's a suggestion/request: I'm a graphically oriented person and I know there are others like me, so graphics not so much for illustrating things like CERN or the Enclosed Earth (those are good), but also drawings

  2. You could also try manycam for Mac the full version is only $50, you will still need an encoder, either google hangout or adobe flash live media encoder could work. I know wire cast is like $300


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