Saturday, July 31, 2021

How I take notes – Tips for neat and efficient note taking | Studytee

Open for FAQ and everything included! Hello everyone! Here’s the long awaited updated version of how I take notes! This technique has saved me this semester as I don’t have to write separate lecture notes and...

Bible Study on Romans – Session 27

A Bible Study on the Book of Romans based upon the homilies of St John Chrysostom in Tarpon Springs, Florida. source

1. The Creation–unfoldingWord® Open Bible Stories

unfoldingWord® Open Bible Stories A Bible story from: Genesis 1-2 unrestricted visual Bible stories – 50 key stories of the Bible, from Creation to Revelation, in text, audio, and video, in any language, for free. To our...

Why Harvard Scientists Think This Object Is An Alien Spacecraft

Harvard scientists think that the first interstellar object detected in our solar system, called “Oumuamua,” could be an alien spacecraft. The scientists sought to explain a quirk in Oumuamua's behavior, which led them to...

බයිබල් අධ්‍යනය (එළිදරව්ව විශ්ලේෂණය 9) 2020.05.28 – Bible Study (Revelation overview 9) 28.05.2020

බයිබල් අධ්‍යනය (එළිදරව්ව විශ්ලේෂණය 9) 2020.05.28 - Bible Study (Revelation overview 9) 28.05.2020 source

Bible Study: Revelation 05 01 07

Bible Study: Revelation 5:1-7 Search for the Worthy Redeemer: The Unveiling source

Romans Bible Study: Are you missing Jesus?

A Day in the Word is a weekly YouTube bible study for youth and people of all ages. In today's episode Jon answers an audience question about spiritual warfare. Is it real, and if...

Charis Daily Live Bible Study: Greg Mohr – July 24, 2020

To interact through chat, join us live on the Charis Bible College channel! Join our Charis Daily Live Bible Study to interact in real time and gain a deeper understanding of the Word. The...

Tribulation Saints Live Stream – Saturday, 8-7-2020

Bless You All - To help with a DONATION Go TO: IF THIS LINK DOES NOT WORK JUST TYPE IT IN...Thanks Thank you so very much. It helps more than you know. Be sure to...