Friday, July 3, 2020

[14th of December] "Visions and Dreams" | Daily Grace

14th of December Devotional Daily Grace is a Christian devotional for your everyday Christian path. Be encouraged, be blessed and walk by faith not by sight. Daily videos being uploaded every morning 6AM UK...

Prophetic Dream: Fake Alien Invasion!

As everyone knows I do not believe in Aliens, I think they are demons and Fallen Angels. I feel this dream is a warning to the world that major deception is upon us. Shalom...

Biblical Archaeology – The Bible in Stones and Statues part 2

This is a 9 part series produced for the Christian Life Bible College in Bath, England. The lecture series looks at the various objects and artefacts to be found at the British Museum which...

My "Rapture Dream" Jesus Looks like The Father!

Jesus Was In A Red Robe Like Described In The Book Of Revelation...Thanks Sister For Sharing With The Living Truth Family source

Prophetic dream – California EQs

I apologize for not holding the camera correctly for a did get straightened out. Also I quoted from Genesis 15:12, not verse 2. Links noted are below: USA EQ - "A great...

Of Dying Dreams: Visions of the Afterlife

From the "Trapped" demo (1994), remastered by Jamie King for the upcoming reissue on Heaven and Hell Records source

French dubbing – Pilate's Dream – Jesus Christ Superstar

Michel Zacha dubs the role of Pontius Pilate (portrayed by Barry Dennen) in the official movie dubbing. He was involved in the first French stage production in 1972, so with the rest of the...


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